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Bison Bar & Grill, Hazen

The Bison Bar & Grill formally opened on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 11 a.m. The bar and grill is located where the former Woodshed used to be, next to Cenex and Cinema Flix. The above photo is in the … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Energy Bites

I have been looking for a little sweet, a little chewy, a little energy, lower calorie something to eat before or after a workout when I don’t have time to eat right away or need just a bit of fuel … Continue reading

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4th quarter goal results, 2015

Hi there. I apologize for my extended absence. I have just been busy living “real life” and less online. Things are going great and I have been very busy. I don’t plan on quitting the blog, but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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A little more about FeistyEats

Since I am on my way to happy hour and haven’t cooked anything in a bit…a little filler for you! I didn’t have time to proof, so good luck trying to make this out! 1. Where did you grow up? … Continue reading

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Too much

No pictures in this post, lame, I know! Hi blog buddies. So basically, whenever I say I’ll be back tomorrow to post something new, I guess that is a lie. I had great intentions of posting last night. In fact, … Continue reading

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Classic white buttercream frosting

I hope everyone is enjoying the long Memorial weekend and observing the holiday. I’d like to thank all the troops who have given their time, and some, their lives, in the military for my freedom. On behalf of Winston, I’d … Continue reading

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Bruschetta Caprese

It’s only Tuesday, right? Slow moving week so far. I had my morning spin class today. I usually love this class and don’t have too much of a problem getting up and going. I got up just fine, but I … Continue reading

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