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Momma Jane’s Cookies

I rarely bake anymore. This little old blog started out with a lot of baked goods. But as time has gone on, I have switched to healthier treats and way less baking. But, I am only human. I still bake … Continue reading

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Quinoa Protein Bites

Another month, another energy bite recipe. I am obsessed. These are just perfect to have on hand to grab and go. I have been looking for a quinoa cookie / no-bake treat to make for a while to use up … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cookie Bites (healthy)

So, I am calling these cookies but they are pretty healthy. They still satisfy your sweet tooth with a little powdered sugar coating, a bit of honey and some cocoa powder mixed with deeply toasted almonds. So addicting! And these … Continue reading

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No Bake Honey Bites

I am very lucky that I have a friend I work with who has access to honey that is made on his parents land. Honey is expensive! He hooks me up a few times a year and as a small … Continue reading

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CC Pretzel Cookies

Today I’m happy to bring you a guest post! My Mom baked up these cookies and was kind enough to snap a few photos, provide the recipe and give a little color commentary at the end of this post. These … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Candy Cookies

I made these cookies for a bake sale at work. I was pressed for time and remember these make a lot with minimal effort. Instead of cookies, you could also make these as candy in cupcake liners. Warning: these are … Continue reading

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Almond White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I big puffy heart LOVE almond tasting desserts. I had to buy a new bottle of almond extract and the box had a recipe on the back for cookies that sounded delicious. I took what I had on hand and … Continue reading

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