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Cinnamon Energy Bites

I have been looking for a little sweet, a little chewy, a little energy, lower calorie something to eat before or after a workout when I don’t have time to eat right away or need just a bit of fuel … Continue reading

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Golf Tee Caprese Skewers

Our friends and neighbors had a get together for the Masters Golf Tournament yesterday. My husband was smoking some pork to take over and I thought that was enough to contribute. But then, when I was visiting with the host, … Continue reading

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Fruit Salad

I’ve eaten this wonderful fruit salad as breakfast, snack, dessert, side dish and I think main dish. Fruit alone, especially this time of year, is so good, juicy and sweet. But, add this secret ingredient and it’s over the top. … Continue reading

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Chorizo Curly Fry Nachos

Nachos are quickly climbing to be one of my favorite treats – both at home and to try at restaurants. I have had some BAD nachos (say no to liquid cheese please) and I have had some great nachos (pulled … Continue reading

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Chili Cheese Fries

Often times my husband will have friends over at the drop of a hat and they will be visiting away out in the garage. They are always working on one project or another it seems like. I usually feel like … Continue reading

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Mexican Buffalo Chicken Cups

Are you in need of a new appetizer idea? Need to take something to the Superbowl tomorrow? I have a great one for you, especially if you like buffalo chicken flavors. I came up with this one day on a … Continue reading

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Chicken Chili Taco Soup OR Dip

When I have a day with a block of time available (usually a weekend day), I take time to make some big batches of chili to freeze. I have made this particular recipe before and tweaked it to our taste … Continue reading

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