Coulee Trail Classic, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018 was the annual Coulee Trail Classic run in Washburn as part of their Riverboat Days celebrations. This is the town my parents live in so I have an excuse to visit. I ran this event two years ago but I must not have recorded it. I can’t remember my time either.

Regardless, the event is held at 7 pm. It takes off from the local high school track / bus barn area and runs through town both in residential areas but mostly in wooded, overgrown coulees. A volunteer (Gavin) mows the path through the coulees so thanks to him and others for doing this.

The run is a butt-kicking! While the elevation change is probably only a couple hundred feed, the terrain varies from paved road to narrow trail, some sandy areas if I remember correctly, overgrown areas, swampy areas, fallen trees, many branches and woodticks. You end by going up what they call goat hill, run down into town and through another wooded area before you climb up just a bit to the finish line. Oh and it was a hot one. I think about 88 degrees? When you get in those coulees there isn’t a whip of wind and it is muggy and stinky quite often!


Prior to the start, I had a few hours to relax and visit my parents. I just love their property. It is right on the Missouri River and the views are just gorgeous.

There were 38 people who lined up for the challenge. Included in the group were my running pals Mark & Karen, Dave and their buddy Leon.


Here is the finish line. You can see it was a gorgeous day outside. My run went better than it did the weekend before at Fort Lincoln but it wasn’t great. I have been pretty worn down with all the running I have been doing. Basically I focused on running the flats, walking up hill and carefully going down hill. There was quite a bit of walking due to steep and overgrown areas. It is just a fun time to be outside and on the trails though. Really, a perfect way to spend an early Friday evening.


There were a lot of woodticks but I had sprayed up with DEET beforehand as the race coordinators had extra available. I stuck around and made sure to cheer for the last person who came through. Everyone finished so that was awesome. There are no timing chips or mats, they just yell out your time and hand write it down. Of our group – we all placed in our age divisions!! I think Mark took 2nd overall! He is really a great runner. Karen took 2nd in our age group (we are together) and I took a 3rd place ribbon in our age group so QUITE the change from last weekend. Haha. Like I said before, I truly never expect to finish near the top but just want to finish healthy and happy with myself.


I rewarded myself with a big ass, super cold beer! I love these small events and getting to know people. It’s just a sense of community I have not experienced elsewhere.


Garmin Stats:
4.31 miles \ 46:52 \ 10:53 minute per mile

A small practice run for the Black Hills 50k coming up this Saturday. To say I am excited, nervous, scared, anxious is completely…accurate. I’ll be sure to recap here sometime in July. Please send me good vibes I survive and finish!!

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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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