Fargo Half Marathon, 2018

Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, 2018 I went to Fargo with a group of friends for the Fargo Marathon events. I did the Go Far Challenge of the 5k on Friday and the half marathon on Saturday. What a whirlwind of a trip. I have attended the marathon in the past as a spectator and volunteer when I was living there but this was my first time participating IN the event. My friend proposed the Go Far Challenge and even though I am in the middle of training for a 50k trail run, I said SURE. I mean the running part is OK but time with friends celebrating is always a yes.


I wasn’t sure how I would run in the middle of 50k training. On one hand, I feel like I am in better shape than last year. On the other hand, many of my runs have been LONG and slow and incorporate hills or trails. Many of my shorter runs were on the treadmill due to the never ending winter weather. I knew Fargo would be flat as a pancake. I also figured it would be a good mental training break and a good indication of my fitness and fueling. I was coming off of a week with my longest run ever and I have been more tired and hungry than ever also. I wanted to probably get in with a pace group and see where I could hold myself.

And as always, any finish is a good finish. I tell my friends that and I need to believe that too. This is for fun! Of course, we all have goals or ideas but in the grand scheme of things no one really cares. No one is going to remember in a few days what your time was, if you totally blew up or whatever. Just try and give it your best on that day. We all know the best runs happen on your own with no one there to witness it anyway, dammit!!

I’ll try to keep my recap brief.

Friday, May 11, 2018

  • Drive to Fargo
  • Eat at Blaze Pizza (highly recommend!)
  • Go to packet pick-up at the SHAC by the Fargodome (large event expo and it was fun to walk through)
  • Seamless, easy packet pickup and saw a few people I knew
  • Stop downtown at my favorite running store and buy some new shoes
  • Check in to our hotel in Moorhead (the Microtel – very clean, welcoming to the runners and easy to access the interstate and bus transport to/from the run on Saturday)
  • Unpack, change clothes, and off to the Fargodome for the 5k
  • Arrive at the dome and seek shelter from the cold and wind
  • Forget that and go out and jam to the live band and just huddle with the other thousands of people
  • 5k starts and basically run the whole thing trying to go around people and have fun
  • My friend was aiming for a goal so we ran with her for most of the time
  • The final corner into the dome and she BOOKED it to the finish line, crushing her goal
  • So happy for everyone finishing
  • Take a few photos
  • Go eat at Dootlittle’s and enjoy an ice cold beer
  • Home to shower, lay out clothes for Saturday and sleep


25:42 | 8:17 per mile

May 18, 2018 | Fargo, ND



Saturday, May 12, 2018

  • Up at 5 am
  • Dress and get ready
  • Eat in the lobby, have a coffee
  • Drive over to get the shuttle bus to the dome
  • Wait in line for the bathroom hoping the coffee does its trick (spoiler: nope)
  • Check my friends 10k bag
  • Go to the field, check my half marathon bag
  • Attempt to get in line with a pace group
  • Realize there is NO WAY in hell I am getting up that close to the start with so many people
  • Accept that and try to do my best on pacing myself
  • Takes about 2 minutes to cross the start
  • Weather is cool and windy so pretty great for running
  • The first mile plus is spent being frustrated and going around people
  • Finally around mile 4 I feel myself getting in a groove and running “normally”
  • Around mile 6 I meet up with a coworker and his red headed friend – they are running a pace I think I can so I run a few miles with them
  • I feel good so go ahead of them
  • I keep looking for my sister-in-law and niece who I think will be out on the course
  • We eventually turn to go north (straight into the wind of about 20mph) and hit some winds. The buildings really do a great job of blocking most of it and I only have to hold onto my hat a few times
  • Saw quite a few bands
  • Lots of people cheering on the sides
  • Feeling a bit down as I don’t see my family
  • Make the turn to go up Broadway and I think I might see someone from my gym by the Fargo Theater sign
  • Don’t see her
  • BUT, I hear “Sarah” being called and spot my family!! I’m so happy and turn back to give them high fives
  • Then I almost trip – so smooth
  • Right about this time I feel like the coffee is probably kicking in (about mile 9)
  • Say a little prayer to just wait for that process until mile 13.2
  • See a porta potty but feel like I can still wait
  • Quickly realize this won’t wait
  • Have to take a few walking breaks so I don’t shit myself
  • See another porta about a quarter mile up ahead and don’t let my eyes leave (like it is going to go somewhere?)
  • Dart into that porta to go as fast as possible
  • Come back out and see my red headed friend up in the distance
  • I sprint trying to catch her and realize I have time to make up the lost ground; pace myself
  • Catch up to her and try to keep up that pace to the finish
  • Feeling a little tired but I know the end is near
  • I feel happy we did the 5k because I know the exact route to the finish
  • Run in and spot my friends cheering me at the finish
  • Cross, get my medal, my Go Far Challenge magnet/bottle opener and some chocolate milk
  • Catch up with the gals to see how they did and take a few photos
  • Ride the bus back to Moorhead
  • Shower and then eat the cookie dough they had at the finish (!)
  • Go get beer and celebrate all night


My outfit: Buffwear headwear, Walmart tank top, Old Navy capris, Hoka shoes, arms sleeves from Stride Box


  • In regards to the bathroom situation, shit happens. I did what I normally do and things just didn’t move along as expected. I wasn’t sick or ill. I honestly thought by mile 7 or 8 if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t going to. Guess I was wrong. While I am minorly ticked at that annoyance I am seriously happy that at least I had a porta potty to use and it was very clean
  • My pace was good for me for my current situation/training block
  • Mile 1 (getting around people) and the porta potty stop mile were my slowest miles
  • It was really cool to see so many people out cheering on the runners and was a welcome distraction
  • I tried to high five every little kid and especially every little girl I saw on the side cheering
  • Great experience
  • I’m not sure about all the people though. I’m used to much smaller events and a 3-2-1 go start
  • BUT, it was still rad because of the company I was with
  • Everyone I met was awesome – including my real life friends and many IG friends I met for the first time
  • We had a blast all weekend
  • I’d definitely do it all over again



1:48:52 | 8:19 per mile

May 19, 2018 | Fargo, ND

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2 Responses to Fargo Half Marathon, 2018

  1. Congratulations! This is so cool. I can’t even imagine all of the hard work you did to prep.

  2. cowpatty723@gmail.com says:

    always a winner. You were a rock star

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