Fargo Mini Marathon, Red River Double, 2016

On Saturday, Oct. 22, my Mom and I participated in the Fargo Mini Marathon doing the Red River Double. OK, that is a lot of words. Here is what the Red River Double is:

The Red River Double is a second 5K that you can participate in after the Mini Marathon, the 10K or the first 5K!  The Red River Double begins at 10:30am and will follow the same course as the first 5K.  When you finish the double – you’ll get some extra swag – with the official RED RIVER DOUBLE MEDAL! Please note – the Red River Double is not chip timed – but a TIME YOURSELF event.


So, no matter which event you wanted to do first, you could do a final 5k after your race. I do believe it was my Mom’s idea to do the double and I agreed. Mom was going to walk the first 5k and I was going to run the 10k. We’d meet up and walk another 5k together.

But, first things first, we had to check in. We did this event last year so we knew it would be easy to check in and get our packet. There was hardly anyone there Friday night and we walked up to the booth immediately and received our race packets.

The 5k started at 8:10 and then 10k at 8:20. We knew from the year before we didn’t have to arrive too early – this is a laid back event. I think we left at about 7:30. Parking was a little tight – the ramp was full and there is a lot of construction downtown taking away street parking. We found a lovely spot at the police station nice and close though. My Dad made his way to the stands and my sister was our official photographer as usual – she does a wonderful job.


The routes were slightly different this year due to that construction. My mom and I both agree that the routes were better this year. I don’t know if it was because of the very nice, clear, calm (a bit chilly) day or the leaves were perfectly changing or what but we both had a great event/day. After we finished we got a few pics with our medals. My Mom did amazing with her 5k walk, she is speedy and beats a lot of runners even! I am especially proud of her as she had nasal surgery just two weeks prior and her recovery hasn’t been what she has hoped. Way to push through.

I was happy with my time. I generally go into each event with a time set in my mind depending on how I feel, my prior running and the weather. I was happy to beat the time I had expected in my head. Due to the later time of the year I am a little burnt out on running and haven’t really had much focus on set workouts, I just run and do what I feel like. I am pretty sure it must be one of my better times though so that was a great surprise. I tried my hardest to keep up with a few gals I guessed were around my age. They finished ahead of me, but were good “carrots” for this rabbit. I started out more conservatively than usual and that did pay off for me. My last mile was still weak though, I have a lot to improve upon and I think much of that is mental. Still – very happy with my efforts on this beautiful day. I finished healthy and happy and that is the main goal of every event.

A little side note on those “carrots” – after the race, I pointed out one of the ladies to my sister. My sis said she saw her before the race and she was wearing a Boston Marathon jacket. So I felt pretty good knowing I couldn’t keep up with her, I mean afterall, she was a Boston runner. Then my sis said, but the jacket was from 2006. Harrumph! I’m sure she is still just a SUPER speedy runner, right?!


As we were coming towards the finish line, I could see a woman behind me and I felt her coming up on me. Actually, I couldn’t see her, I could see her ponytail bouncing in her shadow that was in front of me. I DID NOT want her to pass me so I kicked it up. My lungs were burning. I did not let her pass me. Once I was back in the Civic Center, a guy came up and asked if he knew our time (I had a GPS watch on) and I told him what I figured we were at. I was so focused on that girl, I didn’t even notice him. Once they posted the results though, I saw we finished at the same time. Kind of funny what you see and don’t see towards the end of a run.

The finish line went through the library parking lot and around the Civic Center. This construction cheerleader was cheering us on – you can see he is even holding a pink pom pom (the 10k was sponsored by Sanford Breast Center) to get us to the finish. We finished just outside the Civic Center and walked into the venue happy to have completed the Red River Double. I had to change tops after my sweaty 10k into dry clothes and by the end of the 5k I ditched my sweatshirt as it was warming up outside. Even the race director remarked how lucky we were to have such a calm day!

Before the double event started the race director asked who had completed the 5k, 10k and half prior and there was a great mix from all three events. Very cool. We were off – some of us running and some of us walking. Mom and I walked and finished just over 45 minutes.

One of my favorite things about this event (besides that it is small) is that you get to run along the Red River through two states (ND and MN) and not a lot of people can say they have done that. The race was very well organized, we loved both our medals we received and the t-shirt. Excellent day indeed!

(I’d also like to mention a HUGE thank you to my place of employment. They offer race reimbursement for three races or up to $200 with certain stipulations. This is an amazing benefit and an excellent way to keep employees motivated.)


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