The Garden Mill Sneak Peek

On Thursday, April 21, my Mom and one of her best buddies headed west to Beulah to attend The Garden Mill’s 6th Annual “Sneak Peek” Party. There were over 300 attendees! For a small $5 fee (funds went to the Hazen Arts Council) we could visit the nursery the day before it opened, buy any merchandise, visit all the aisles, listen to music by Jeff Becker, received two drink tickets for sangria and were able to sample delicious desserts and appetizers. What a deal!


I had never been to The Garden Mill before. I am admittedly most definitely not a gardener nor do I have a green thumb. But, I love a party with music and drinks so I was in! The event was very busy but it was well organized. I was totally floored by how much space was in the nursery. Rows upon rows of flowers, succulents, veggies, herbs and more. Not only that, they had some amazing decorations – metal artwork, woodwork, pots, planters and even clothes. I had no idea. I was actually a little overwhelmed!


In particular, I loved these metal goats. How cute?! I couldn’t quite bite at the price but my Mom reminded me I could come over another day to shop. We checked out the prices and most of the items were in line as to what you’d pay in Bismarck and the quality seemed great. The store was spotless and everything seemed very well cared for.


The food and drink were a hit, of course. They had a table full of tempting desserts, another table with flower cupcakes and a cake, a table of sangria or pop and another table with a variety of salsas. There was mango, strawberry and a bean salsa along with a unique cheese dip. It was all so wonderfully fresh and delicious. You could eat the salsa with regular tortilla chips or cinnamon pita chips.


We cruised the aisles for quite a while, I think covering the whole space. We also enjoyed the music of a one man band – I think his name was Jeff Becker – and really enjoyed him. Our friend bought a few items and the line was so long. They had several people working though so it went fairly quick.


The Garden Mill is located at 2001 1st Ave NE in Beulah, just north of the pool in a large green steel building. The size from the outside seems small, but it is huge inside. I can’t wait for the 7th Annual Sneak Peek.


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