New food finds

I recently acquired three new food things that I hope revolutionize the way I eat in 2016. OK, revolutionize is a bit dramatic, but I think these 3 things will help me with eating a diet filled mostly with healthy and nutritious foods. I’ll never stop loving pizza and a big old burger, I’m not quitting sugar or white flour, but the older I get, the more I realize what my body craves and what makes me feel good physically and mentally. Sadly, it isn’t really craving Stove Top stuffing or Cheez Its. I’m definitely not a food snob and to each their own. I am a firm believer in Weight Watchers, Paleo, Jenny Craig, Yoga, Cycling, CrossFit or whatever way of eating or exercising you prefer. We all respond differently to different things and that is why we have so many options. This is a constant learning process for me and apparently America since a few years ago it was no carbs, no butter and everything with sugar was OK. Uff da. Right now, for me, I am craving meats, beans, grains, eggs, some dairy and a lot of vegetables with a bit of fruit in the mix. Whole foods!



There are plenty of gadgets available online to spiralize your food. This gadget is useful for making spirals or thin shapes out of vegetables and fruit making them an excellent nutritional substitute for pasta. I personally have never been a big pasta fan and don’t care for the way it makes me feel after eating it. Spiralizing your veggies adds bulk to your meal (I am a volume eater) and it also makes it look appealing. I was gift the Mueller 8-in-1 for Christmas and it works great while taking up hardly any cabinet space. It is very compact but can spiralize, grate, juice and serve as a mandolin. Other options are out there and there is even a website dedicated to just Spiralized recipes and she sells her own spiralizer as well. I’m looking forward to creating new recipes for us and spiralizing all the veggies I get my hands on.


Instant Pot

I became aware of the Instant Pot a while ago while watching a You Tube video about vegan eating. They had a few Instant Pots always full of rice and beans and were expressing how wonderful these tools were. They looked like Crock Pots to me so I didn’t think much of it. Then, I saw the Instant Pot pop up in Paleo type of meals where it was revered for quick cooking (I’m talking like a roast in 25 minutes, ribs in 40 minutes, chicken breast in 10, etc.) This really caught my eye. I looked more and more into the Instant Pot and it was very attractive to me. This is a multifunctional kitchen tool available in a few different sizes and price ranges. Through work, I purchased the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker 6Qt/1000W, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and Exterior for about $120. The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté/browning, yogurt maker, steamer and warmer. I have a lot to learn – I’ve only so far made excellent beans, roasted a chicken and steamed hard boiled eggs. I’ve been reading a lot about recipes to make and have several book marked.


CSA share

When we lived in Fargo 5 years ago, CSA (community supported agriculture) was becoming more popular. We actually bought a share in a local farm but had to cancel once we decided to move to Hazen. Lucky for me, my husband has quite the green thumb and we have had a garden full of veggies since we have lived here that we eat through the summer and winter via canning. Of course, the garden doesn’t get planted until late May and we don’t get to harvest it for a few more months. The “eating” season for fresh veggies is very short. This year, we went with our friends and purchased a whole share in a CSA that we will split. This will hopefully work great because we can get produce sooner and longer throughout the year, we can share with our friends if we don’t want/like something and they do, and we can switch off weeks picking up the produce depending if we are around/busy or not. Win/win/win. The cost is $350 per couple and the way some produce is priced you really can’t beat that cost. I hope to post a few baskets this summer of what we receive and what I cook. The best thing is Forager Farm has a drop in Hazen so we have no excuse not to participate.


So with those three purchases, we are really set up for some good eats. I just need to find someone who can provide me with local eggs next. I have seen a few posts on Facebook, I just have to follow through since the pickup times haven’t worked for me in the past. I feel these things will also allow be to cook in bulk to have leftovers and cook once, eat two or three times. Here’s to happy, healthy eating!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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