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New food finds

I recently acquired three new food things that I hope revolutionize the way I eat in 2016. OK, revolutionize is a bit dramatic, but I think these 3 things will help me with eating a diet filled mostly with healthy … Continue reading

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Mexican Smashed Sweet Potato

When I am working out, I am constantly thinking. Usually of my to-do list, what I should clean at home and most often, what I should eat next. It’s true! Such was the case when I came up with this … Continue reading

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Foot update II

It was way back at the beginning of December when I shared a bit about my ongoing foot pain and plantar fasciitis diagnosis. This is something I have been dealing with since July, 2015. My initial consult (after hoping I’d … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Healthy Banana Bread

So this might not fall under hard work, but I have baked numerous loafs of banana bread until I found this easy recipe. Bake, test, eat, repeat. Almost every morning I have yogurt for breakfast. I like to top it … Continue reading

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Winter Skiing

A few things I have been wanting to do for the past couple of years, especially since I lost the bulk of my weight and felt I could do these things were downhill snow skiing and cross country skiing. I … Continue reading

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Meal prep and weekly meal plan

Today I have very little on my agenda and I am loving that. Since Thanksgiving, we have been running like crazy every weekend. Yesterday, I went to Bismarck to stock up on some bulk groceries and other goods. Today, I … Continue reading

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Freezer meal ideas

I think many of us start out each new year with a renewed enthusiasm to get in better shape and eat healthy. I’m certainly no exception and while I am addicted to the feeling I get after I exercise (I … Continue reading

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