Fargo 10k Adventures, 2015

If you missed my super long race recap, please check it out. After a morning of racing – we set out on adventuring. I was so cold after finishing the race and being in sweaty clothes. BUT, I wasn’t too cold for the downtown Farmer’s Market. Mom and I popped in really quick and got a few good buys including purple cauliflower pictured below and honeycrisp apples from Michigan.



Beautiful produce. Makes my mouth water.

After showering and getting ready, my sister, brother-in-law and I hit the road. Our first stop? The Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau. Yes, that is correct, people who are living and have lived in Fargo went to the FMCVB. But you should go there too, even if you live in F-M-WF. They have a fun little store (also online) where you can buy a variety of Fargo items including clothing, jewelry and knitted can cozies. Many are marked with the “North of Normal” trademark Fargo has been using. They seem to be high quality and would make great gifts which is another reason we were there. We grabbed a bag of complimentary popcorn, checked out their literature and were off to the next stop.

Just a few blocks away is Shotgun Sally’s located across from West Acres. They feature dining, drinks and entertainment. We were there for a quick drink to kill some time before our next scheduled visit. The server was very gracious in giving us a couple tap samples and suggesting beers for us. We enjoyed a bowl of popcorn here as well.

Side note: My sister and I would really like to start a beer and popcorn pub crawl – our two favorite things!


Myself with Celeste.

The highlight of the day was meeting my online friend in real life. I’m not sure how we connected online but I follow her on social media and on her blog, Confessions of a Former Fat Girl Blog. Her real life name is Celeste and I was meeting with her and her husband Al at Kilstone Brewing in North Fargo. We share a love of beer and fitness so I knew we’d have a few things to talk about. Kilstone Brewing was a “first” for both of us. It is tucked into an industrial area and a bit to find. You’ll be happy when you get there to try a fun sampler of beer in these mini Ball like jars.


As I suspected, Celeste and I got along great. I also chatted briefly with her kind husband and his sister. I think we could have probably visited for hours! So much to talk about it. But, after a flight and a pint, we were headed off to our next destination. Celeste, I am SO HAPPY I got to visit with you and Al. I know we will be in touch and hopefully can enjoy a few more pints together in the future. You are an absolute gem!


We hopped in our car and headed east to Moorhead, MN, Just across the river we found Junkyard Brewing Company. We were lucky that it just so happened to be a beautiful day so while my sister ordered, I snagged us a few spots outside on a picnic table. They had a fantastic variety of beer including a Key Lime Gose my sister tried, a peanut butter bandit I had (yum) and a Free Candy Belgian beer my brother-in-law tried with a hefty 10+% abv. I loved the vibe at this brewery. I could return time and again. Also, it must be noted they had the best popcorn we tried all day. I think the secret was the Lawry’s seasoned salt they used.


The only drawback here is I went to go get my awesome insulated growler my honey bought for me but they refused to fill it. Per their guidelines, they only fill their growlers that have been (insert technical beer jargon) filled with their beer with added pressure so it lasts longer. While I certainly understand they want to maintain the integrity of their beer, I didn’t want to purchase their growler (I have plenty of my own) for beer I would be drinking that night or taking home to drink. This is the first such brewery I have been to where they had these standards. I wish they offered both options. Nonetheless, a great experience.


After this, we decided some alcohol was in order. Enough beer. Ha! We went over to Proof Distillers (414 4th Ave N), a new distillery in Fargo that makes craft spirits including potato based vodka, gin and (soon) whiskey. This is a bright, clean, clear room and they have a solid looking menu.


Part of the room where we had our tour.

We did not eat but we tried a few gin and vodka drinks and got a brief tour which was quite fascinating. I feel like Fargo has really gotten some neat places to visit and have fun at in the five years I have been gone.


With a buffalo I met in Fargo. They look very different in the city verse out here in the sticks. Fancy!

Next, we met up with my parents and my aunt and her boyfriend at Sidestreet Bar down by the Fargo Civic Center where our day started! We had a few drinks and chatted and realized that besides popcorn, we hadn’t had anything since some toast and chocolate milk that morning. We were starving. Hangry, if you will – angry hunger.


After some tense discussion, we headed over to Rhombus Guys – always a solid bet for pizza and beer. And the nice bonus is you can get a smaller pizza so you can order your own to have to yourself, or I suppose to share. I scored a Rhombus beer while we waited so I got to drink 3 new-to-me brewery beers this day. (Rhombus brews in Grand Forks.) The pizza was just as fabulous as I remember. I got the Amalfi Coast pizza with olive oil, arugula, tomato, basil, prosciutto, kalamata olives, goat cheese and fresh mozzarella. My folks got the Cuban, my brother in law one with shrimp (!) and I can’t remember what my sister ordered. Delicious!


After that full day of events, we were more than ready to go home and relax. We had big plans of watching Saturday Night Live but we all fell asleep. Ha! Thanks for a great weekend Jodi & B. Thank you also Jodi for my Fargo necklace. I love it!!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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2 Responses to Fargo 10k Adventures, 2015

  1. Celeste E. says:

    It was SO GREAT to meet you, too! And I can’t wait to meet up with you again. Beers are definitely in order!

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