Fargo Mini Marathon 10k, 2015

Saturday, October 17 was the Fargo Mini Marathon events – a half marathon, 10k run/walk, 5k run/walk and the Red River Double which is a challenge of competing in any one of the above races and then doing a 5k afterwards. You would receive another medal for this challenge. For all distances the start and stop was in the Fargo Civic Center (Centennial Hall) and the courses wind along the Red River with some nice views of the changing leaves and fall season.


I had signed up to do the 10k a few months back when I was feeling really strong and healthy with my running – before my foot troubles. I knew there’d be some other friends at the race doing a variety of miles. I had been encouraging my mom to sign up for a race. I really thought she’d like the camaraderie and of course, the final medal. She is goal oriented, so I was happy she finally decided to do the 5K walk. Mom and I have done a few 5k walks together in Hazen and Beulah but nothing serious – just all fun. Mom was working on training for this 5k and gunning for a goal time. Unfortunately, just a week prior she had pulled a muscle and was kind of concerned on how her time would go.


We left on Friday for the four hour drive to Fargo and headed straight to the Civic Center to get our race packets. The expo was extremely small (two booths) and packet pick up was a breeze.


Well, for me anyway. I got my number, a little hot/cold packet and my 10k Under Armour short sleeve race shirt. The cost of the race was almost worth it just for this nice shirt. I went to meet up with my Mom and sadly, they didn’t have her shirt. Apparently a bunch of shirts never showed up? (We never really did get an explanation why they weren’t there?)  We were instructed to return later or check tomorrow morning. Bummer for her first race!!

We decided to eat downtown to kill some time before going back to check again. We ate at the Smiling Moose Deli. We wanted something fresh, healthy and quick. This definitely fit the ticket. It ordered the Mile-Hi Thai whole wheat wrap for $6.99 and a soda. The wrap had grilled chicken breast, cabbage mix, carrots, roasted red peppers, cilantro, and a spicy Thai peanut sauce. Our group had ordered a variety of sandwiches and soups and we were all very satisfied.


Back to the Civic Center and still no shirts. They were seemingly hopeful they would arrive in time for tomorrow’s race. I don’t really think they ever expected them? I just wish they would have been honest instead of us chasing around after it?

We went to my sister’s house to unload our stuff and chat. Thanks so much Jodi and B for letting us crash. We went to bed at a decent time but I had a bit of trouble sleeping for whatever reason. I fell asleep easily but work up for a few hours that night. Oh well – I still felt fine. I went to brush my teeth and look at this little sneak – my sister’s cat, Isadora. Ha!


Saturday morning I had a sandwich thin with peanut butter and a banana and we headed to the Civic Center. Sadly, still no t-shirts so Mom left her info on a piece of paper and hopefully they will mail them out when they finally arrive (as of Nov. 1 still nothing). We got to the Civic at about 7:30 and met up with my Aunt who was in town for the NDSU football game. It was pretty cool to have her there cheering along with my Dad and sister. My race started at 8:30 and Mom’s at 9.


Mom (Kate), Aunt Cindy and I. Thanks to my sister, Jodi, for taking most of these photos.

We listened for race announcements and lining up was easy. We enjoyed the music entertainment both before and after the races. The lines ups were pretty crowded but for the most part people were polite and it went OK. I luckily saw these two lovely ladies from my hometown, Sawyer. The pic is a little blurry but Keshia (middle) was doing her first half and Des was doing her first 10k. This was my first 10k so we were all newbies. They both did great and it was fun to see them.


It was nice for me to be warm inside before going out to run. Unfortunately, this was NOT nice for my friend Celeste – check her recap out here. (I’ll be doing another post about meeting Celeste. I am sorry she had a tough day but she’ll bounce back no doubt – her and her husband have a lot of running history and races together.)


The day started out quite chilly – probably about 30 degrees – but it was bright and clear and barely a breeze of wind. As soon as you exit the overhead doors you take a sharp right towards the river and walking paths. Pretty much the whole race was on cement walking paths. The course was marked great and there were a few areas where we met other runners head to head so you had to pay attention. This wasn’t a problem for me except in one area the runners didn’t get over for my group headed in the opposite direction and I had to stop and get off the sidewalk. I thought that was pretty rude. If you wanted to pass, you could do so on the grass instead of stopping other runners. I wore my favorite running hat and had to tug it down a few times the sun was shining so bright in our eyes – no complaints about that though!


I wasn’t familiar with the course (when I lived in Fargo I did not run) and that has its positive and negative points. One thing I loved is we got to run in both North Dakota and Minnesota. I’m sure that is not a huge deal for locals, but pretty cool for people who travel to the event. We crossed a wooden bridge to travel between the states and it honestly gave me a little bit of a nauseous feeling for just a minute on the way back. Everyone says Fargo is flat, but I disagree. There were a lot of rolling little hills on this course. Nothing major of course, but as I am used to running the flat path in Hazen I could note a difference.


I still consider myself a new runner, this is only my second solo running race and I know I have a lot to learn. As I usually do, I went out fast. I was happy with the first 5 miles but mile 6 was tough and I walked through that last aid station to just get my breath. When a gal I had been running with the whole race passed me, I picked it up again. The finish was fun running inside and a guy kind of came out of nowhere running fast so I tried to keep up with him to finish fast.


My splits:

  • 7.39 – mile 1 WAY TOO fast for me, ha! I was just excited
  • 8.19 – mile 2, still quick
  • 8.28 – mile 3, more like it
  • 8.31 – mile 4, solid
  • 8.42 – mile 5, a bit slow
  • 8.59 – mile 6 – ugh, shoot me!! Way too slow, walking break
  • 2.51 – last 0.33 miles according to my Garmin


Luckily, I saw my sister and aunt cheering me on and even my dad up in the stands so that was special. There was plenty of post-race snacks such as milk and chocolate milk, candy corn with salted peanuts and warm soup. Although I couldn’t stomach soup, I gulped a chocolate milk and took my dad some candy corn/nut mix to say hello and get some water. After a few pics, we went back to the finish line in time to catch our friend Alayna coming across the finish line looking great.


Myself and Alayna.


This one man band was awesome. He got the crowd pumped up – great for the race. I also have to note I really loved the medals. They were made of wood and shaped like a leaf. I only wish they had the year printed on them. But still, very cool.

When the clock was around 40 minutes I made sure to watch out for my Mom in her bright yellow NDSU sweatshirt. Sure enough, right around the 44-45 minute mark we saw her coming in. She looked great and we were yelling at her but I’m not sure if she saw us or not. Finally, we met up with her, took some pictures and got her some chocolate milk.


I told her she was either right above or below 45 minutes according to the clock. We stuck around a while to watch more people finish but I was starting to get very cold. The announcer said they were posting times but we couldn’t find where. By this point we were all ready to leave and my lips were turning blue so we went back to my sister’s house. I took a long, hot shower and it was amazing. She surprised us with these super awesome mini cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes. They were amazing!


By the time I got out of the shower my folks had already left to go do some NDSU football tailgating. I jumped onto my phone to see her finish time was posted at 44:24 – crushing her goal of finishing in 50 minutes. I texted her right away and I knew she was happy. I was also super happy for her. I decided to check my time as well and was happy to see I finished 3rd in my age group?!! What? I definitely didn’t think I’d do that considering my bum foot but that was a nice surprise. 53:36 was my official time. This was slower than I ran in the Bismarck Marathon relay and I am happy to be taking a break in hopes to heal my foot and maybe come back stronger next year. I excitedly texted my husband, Mom and girlfriend to share my amazement.


At this point, my sister, brother-in-law and I loaded up for a full day of adventuring. I’ll be back with another post on everything we did, saw, ate and drank.



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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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3 Responses to Fargo Mini Marathon 10k, 2015

  1. kate says:

    Sarah Sarah Sarah you didn’t have to mention me in your post. But thank you I appreciate it. You are the one that gets me to do these things. Jumping out of planes, runs/walks and paddle boarding. I love our adventures. Can’t wait for more. Thank you for the encouraging words all the time. Love you.

  2. Celeste E. says:

    Great recap! And I have to agree, I love the “medals” but would have loved to have the year on it! And the one-man-band was awesome! Congrats on a great race and a third-place age group finish!

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