Fourth Quarter Goals, 2015

Here we are – more than 3/4 of the way through 2015. How did this happen? I really would like summer to last longer. I am determined to try and meet goals I set for myself so let’s check in from the last time. Please note, I am serious about all this stuff but have to lighten this up with some graphics.

Figure a new way to cross train – Success. I created a hybrid and did T25 and Insanity Max30 together. Until I hurt my foot. I haven’t done any exercise other than bike, walk, swim and run since probably the end of July. From my expert Googling skills, I think I have a case of plantar fasciitis. Ugh!

Bike – Success. I feel like I have improved my biking this summer.


Run – Fail. After the half marathon my confidence took a hit. That and my hurt foot I haven’t done any speed work since the half.

Swim – Success. I swam at least 3-4x per week. I didn’t get out to the lake as much as I had hoped but I did a few times. I felt my sprint triathlon went really well and  I was proud of my progress. I’m not sure if I’ll continue swimming for sprint triathlons just because they are really limited in options that are geographically near to me.


Husband time – Fail. We do go out a lot but mostly with friends. That is just kind of our deal and I’m OK with that. We did have a great trip to South Dakota together though.

Outdoors – Huge success. I’ve enjoyed summer so much – I feel like I took advantage of every weekend and every opportunity that came up. I had a lot of family and friend events. Summer 2015 was more than OK.


Eating – Huge fail. With all my exercise I just kept eating. Those 10 pounds are now like 15 pounds. UGH! So mad at myself I can’t put down the fork.

Less computer time and still blog – Mostly a success. There were a few weeks this summer where I just didn’t want to blog or do anything on my computer. Now that things have slowed down, I am getting more into the groove and have cooked a few new to me recipes.

Well, this is it. The last 3 months of the year and we are more than half way through October. I plan to give these new goals my all October 18-December 30 and see where it gets me. That is 10 weeks. Don’t I owe it to myself to try something for 10 weeks that will (hopefully) make me happy and healthy? I know after I get through the first 2-3 weeks of healthy eating it’ll go much more smoothly for me. Part of this new plan is laying off running in hopes of healing my feet.

Food – Clean up my eating. I snack way too much. Goodbye eating popcorn 3+ times a week, grabbing pretzels in between meals and having a few too many sweets. I am going to focus on my food as nutrition is the biggest part of weight management. I just don’t feel as comfortable in my clothes and HATE that feeling.


Health – My main priority is to get my body healthy again. I want my feet back to normal. I haven’t gone to the doctor but have been doing some stuff that seems to help.

Rest – I’ve been going fairly hard this whole year on my workouts. I am proud of that but my body is telling me it needs a rest. The last two weeks of October I will not be doing any running. I doubt I’ll be able to just sit around so I might do some at home workouts or bike. Nothing too serious to bother my foot. And who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it and just loaf around?!


Workout – I have been reading a lot lately about weight training/lifting. I am going to lift weights 3x a week for 8 weeks. I’m working on a plan and I can use the gym at my work to do these workouts. I’m sure I’ll post on Instagram for accountability and I’m hoping to see some before/after comparison. I really used to feel that the only way to get a workout was to go super hard and do a ton of cardio. I am hoping this will prove otherwise. I’ll start the beginning of November.


Cardio – Continue cardio to keep in shape. Depending on my foot, I will either run or if my feet still bother me, I’ll elliptical or bike or do at home DVDs. No cardio workouts more than an hour in time.

Numbers – Stick to my guns and don’t obsess over calories, my weight or using my heart rate monitor. I want to listen more to my body and use its cues to get to my happy place.

Social life – While I want to be serious about my nutrition and workouts, I want to continue to have fun with my friends. I plan to cut back on alcohol (too much booze leads me to bad food choices) but there are a few events I will not skip or miss out on. I can do this smartly. December is full of Christmas parties but I can always be the DD. I love to drink and have fun so this will be difficult for me.


Money – I want to try to save a little bit more money than usual these last few months. We have some fun things coming up and I already started a “want” list of places to go in 2016.

Let’s do this – I am determined to end this year on a good note! Determination and motivation!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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