Mo’s Snow Shack

After cruising on the Lewis & Clark Riverboat, my Mom was hankering for a sweet, cold treat. Well, though I haven’t heard much about it – THE BEST place to go in Bismarck-Mandan is Mo’s Snow Shack. Mo’s is a food truck located in the parking lot by Running’s / Dan’s / Papa Murphy’s area.

Mo's Snow Shack

This really is just a little shack. I was surprised to see quite a few people working behind the counter, quickly getting us our sweet treats. Mo’s serves SHAVED ice with flavors and toppings – you choose! The truck is open Monday-Saturday, Noon-9pm in the summer, in good weather.


Pick your size first. I suggest a small for yourself. We got a small and shared it between 3 people! They don’t skimp on size. Next, pick your flavors, up to 3. They have several options. Third, choose your topping. Finally, you can get a scoop of ice cream in the bottom if you like. Who are we kidding – get the ice cream! Such a great treat on a warm day.


Uhhh, how to choose? You order while the attendant writes down what you want, pay and wait for them to call your name. We went with a small pina colada with strawberry cream topping and an ice cream scoop base. Now to wait! This place was bumping.


Oh my gosh! She went crazy with flavor. Yes, this was a small. Such a great treat and way better than the ones you get at the fair. The ice is shaved so fine. This is totally worth the sugar and fake flavors. It’ll take you right back to childhood. Now, I just need to make it back to get my own! Check this place out!!



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  1. kate says:

    Ooooo it was so good.

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