NDLegendary | Fort Abraham Lincoln 3

The North Dakota Department of Commerce hosted the seventh annual bloggers and writers workshop on Wednesday, June 3 in Bismarck and Thursday, June 4 at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park just outside of Mandan. This is part three of my recap and focuses on Thursday, June 4 at Fort Lincoln. Find Part One here and Two here.


But first, before I headed out to For Lincoln, I woke up early at my parents house just outside of Washburn and went into town to run the running path. This has to be one of the best small town running paths. The views are incredible along the Missouri River. The grain elevator above and the river below.


The water was glass and the sky beautiful. The bridge connecting Hazen to “eastern” North Dakota. I consider anything east of the Missouri eastern I guess. The bridge is 1,500 feet long and opened not all that long ago in 1971.


Onto the conference! The main focus of the event was the conference on Thursday and ways to explore and write about all things North Dakota. We also had a few breakout sessions where we connected with other writers and could visit about tips, tricks and even failures. The featured speakers were Jenna Cederberg, editor of Montana Magazine and Joe Baur, a writer and filmmaker who has worked for various publications. I enjoyed both of them and they offered great tips for a newbie like myself.


Welcome to the Commissary at Fort Lincoln. This building also has a gift shop and cute coffee shop. The iced tea was great.


Sara Otte Coleman welcomed us and our speakers Joe and Jenna were great. I VERY MUCH enjoyed their presentations and learned a lot. BUT, I’m not sharing the tips they gave. I guess you’ll just have to attend for yourself next year. Muah ha ha! Here was our agenda for the day.

8:30 am Breakfast
9 Welcome & Introductions
9:30 Joe Baur, Writer, Traveler, Meddler
10:30 Break
10:45 Jenna Cederberg, Editor, Montana Magazine
12 pm Lunch
12:30 Roundtable Topics
2:00 Explore Fort Lincoln – Kayak & Biking OR Touring the grounds, lodging, etc.
3:45 Wrap-up


Since I am Feisty Eats though, this is what we have for lunch: meat and veggies sandwiches, Greek pasta salad and pop/water. We also had a breakfast of egg bakes and hashbrown casseroles with coffee. They made sure we were fueled for the day. Since we were talking marketing North Dakota, I thought it was of note that the deli who made our meal didn’t have any advertising on their food wrappers or containers.


At 2pm we were given a brief history of Fort Lincoln and what they offer. They really offer more than what you would think and is only 7 short miles from Mandan. Besides being rich in history, there are also campgrounds, trolley rides, hiking/running/walking and biking paths and a beach area great for boating, kayaking, fishing or just catching some rays of sun. This is a State Park so there is a required vehicle entry fee. Tours are available daily May through September. They offer many family activities throughout the year. Follow their Facebook page for more info.


At this point you could either take the historical tour or the adventure tour. I went with the adventure tour which consisted of cycling the grounds a bit and kayaking for about 45 minutes. I loved my bike I got to use. Kim and I contemplated taking them or at least offering to trade something for them. We biked the short distance over to the beach area where our kayaks were waiting for us…to be continued in Part 4!


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