Time for another installment of “What I Ate Wednesday”. I’m currently working on eating whole, healthy food for the most part.  I’m pretty focused on eating healthy Monday-Saturday for the most part. On Sunday, I usually “slip” up a little and just eat whatever I want – healthy or not.

5:30am – I snack on these little healthy cookies. I’ve mentioned them plenty of times before but they are mashed up banana, oatmeal, chia seeds, ground flax and cinnamon. Lately I’ve been getting a headache after my longer workouts and after some research (aka Google) I think it might be because I’m going in with my tank on E. These little bites seem to help, they are good refrigerated and with a smear of peanut butter too. It takes about 15 minutes for me to get to work so I snack on the way and drink a little water.


7:45am – After I shower and get ready for work, I grab a cup or so of cold, cut up cantaloupe. Again, trying to keep my headache away. I LOVE cantaloupe and could easily eat a whole one but I refrain. I drink a lot of water through the morning. I usually just refill this liter bottles. I think it’s time I step up and get a nicer water bottle.


9:45am – breakfast. Lately, I’ve just been sticking to this breakfast because it is easy and I don’t have to cook. I mash it all up and eat it together so it isn’t so pretty. Greek yogurt, banana, cinnamon and protein powder. I know protein powder isn’t a whole, real food, but I love the ease it provides. And I think it is really yummy. 1 banana, a bunch of cinnamon, 3/4 cup yogurt and a scoop of powder.


12:30pm – lunch time! All meals are the best part of my days. Today (as many days) I am having a large salad with leafy greens and chicken. The secret to my salads is I use a ton of toppings. The more variety, the better for me. I usually cut up a bunch of veggies 2x a week so when I put together salads or wraps, I don’t have to cut them each time. I find salads and wraps are best eaten within 2 days so I make 2 at a time plus some for my husband. If I recall, this salad had: a few dollops of cottage cheese, hummus, shredded carrots, green onion, a few sprinkles of feta, tomatoes, banana peppers, half a boiled egg, cucumber and a ton of cilantro. I love cilantro and eat it on a lot of meals. I’ve heard some people think it tastes like dirt? I guess I like dirt! I warm my chicken up and eat this along with a big bowl of steamed broccoli/cauliflower.


2:30pm – I am trying to cut back on snacking but I still want something. I have a Diet Sierra Mist. Yes, I drink pop. Right now, this is a better alternative than candy or popcorn so I enjoy this. I have maybe one or two a week.


7pm – dinner is easy, leftovers. Last night we had taco salads. When I make tacos or sloppy joes or whatever, I usually try to make double what we would need. The leftovers freeze nicely or go in lunches. Another secret is I try to make just as many veggies to go in the meat as meat itself volume wise. I have 2 lbs. of ground beef and I also used 5 cups of onions, peppers and garlic in the mix. It’s a great way to add bulk to the meals in a healthy way. We love onions and peppers so this is easy. If you like mushrooms that would be another great addition.


I took a sweet potato and mashed it up (another thing I make in bulk on the weekend is a bunch of sweet potatoes and veggies so they are easy to grab when hunger sets in), added taco meat to the top and put in the fridge overnight. Tonight, I warmed that up and added cilantro, cottage cheese, salsa and green onions to the top. If you aren’t a fan of sweet potatoes, serve it over brown rice. We love the microwave steam packets – so easy to make rice that way I don’t know why I’d go the conventional route. I serve mine with broccoli with red pepper flakes. I probably eat a few pounds of broccoli a week. No joke, I love it, it’s affordable, easy to make and good for you.

We are generally pretty busy during the week and that is another reason I try to meal prep in advance. Starting this week, my longer workouts will be in the evenings and I won’t be home much so I’ll have to to be on my GAME to keep healthy food on hand. Some tried and true tips for me include:

  • Bake several sweet potatoes in advance and store in the fridge
  • Steam or blanch your favorite veggies you know you will eat (we don’t care for most raw veggies) and store in the fridge
  • Grill or bake a few pounds of chicken/turkey/lean protein of choice to keep on hand for sandwiches, salads or meals when you are in a rush
  • Meal plan
  • If you have a simple breakfast like mine, make a few at once. It won’t spoil and you only have to get everything ready 2x a week that way
  • Chop all raw, fresh vegetables into bike size pieces and store for ease
  • Cut your greens if you use them often. I use a plastic knife and keep in a zip top bag with a paper towel. We go through so much it doesn’t get a chance to brown before I need more.


That’s all I got today. Brinklie cat gives you a wink!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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One Response to WIAW

  1. jenieats says:

    You reminded me how much we like baked sweet potatoes-adding them to my next list. I tried a couple Quest protein bars and hated them! Will make a mental note about their protein powder. Jake’s always trying a new one.

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