2015 quarterly goals first check in

At the beginning of 2015 I set some goals (resolutions) to work on for the first few months of the year. I thought it would be a good time to update myself and you on how those goals are going.

1. Clean up my eating. Well. I would say the year started out good but it fell by the wayside when I went on vacation in February. I drank and ate to my heart’s content and I had a wonderful time. No regrets. However, I came back to North Dakota feeling puffy and stuffed into my pants. Thankfully, after talking it over with my husband we both agreed we need to get things under control and get back to healthy eating. We started a healthy eating challenge on March 9. I would say so far we only had two or three really bad days and it could have been worse. We have been eating well – fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch and protein, veggies and a starch for dinner for the most part. Of course it varies day to day but we cut out sweets, chips and a lot of processed foods. On grocery shopping days, our cart gets filled with produce, lean protein and some dairy like yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs. We are both feeling better. The first part of the eating challenge official ended between us on Tuesday, March 31. But….we already started on phase two through the end of April . I’ve said it before but I gain weight very easily – but I can also lose it fairly easily. I am down about 12 lbs. on the scale and would like to get down another 10 to reach my ultimate goal weight I set nearly 2 years ago. Last summer I was very close but not quite. I’ve heard it said before, losing weight is easy, maintenance is hard and so far in my nearly 2-year healthiness journey I have to agree.


2. Budget. I do think that I’ve gotten a bit of a handle on my food budget. We don’t eat out often and that certainly helps. By staying out of the middle section of the grocery store I don’t buy any of those surprise sale items I don’t need. We usually do a big haul once or so a month at Sam’s to stock up on stuff and they are really great for healthy eating actually!


3. Stop baking so much. I started out weak with this. Baking is my escape, my hobby and I love it. Now the weather is turning and my goals are focused, I am baking much less. The only baking I have done is for potlucks or fundraisers or where the food goes out the door.

4. Complete Insanity Max30. Check! I LOVED this program. It is only 30 minutes per day, 5x a week. It was super challenging and I still had to use modifications even at the end. I felt I gained strength during the program. However, I didn’t follow a healthy eating plan. So, just as I started my healthy eating in March, I am repeating Max30 to see what my results are with a good diet and exercise program. I love my Shaun T!


5. Cardio. I am getting to spin about 2x a week. That is really all my schedule allows at this point in time. I am just itching for warmer weather so I can take my bike out. I have continued running and can consistently and fairly easily run 6-9 miles at a time. I want to focus on getting up more towards double digits come later this spring. I am doing some speed work on the treadmill and pushing myself.

6. Travel. So far I would say this has been a success. I went to Arizona in February and just went to Montana last weekend. I haven’t hardly been home many weekends as I am constantly going to Bismarck or Minot for something. I like to keep busy. I still didn’t get on a train yet but I have time. My husband and I are tentatively planning a getaway for next winter already too. This summer we will try to get away one weekend to Medora and hopefully South Dakota again. We both love South Dakota!


7. Confidence. I think I haven’t gotten worse, but I haven’t gotten better. I have gone out a lot more in the past few weeks than I did over the winter. I feel like I am maybe doing a little bit better but this is an ongoing work in progress.

8. Sleep. I am doing great with this one. Shocker, I am really good at sleeping. That’s pretty easy but I make it a priority to get my 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I feel so much better about life that way.

9. Monthly photo. I totally skipped out January but got one of us on Feb. 1 so close enough. I always take workout photos or food photos but I forget to take out the camera when we are out doing fun stuff. I am trying hard not to be on the phone in social settings.

2015-02-01 18.34.4020150223_21251620150328_182104 20150403_162031

10. Less computer/phone time. I think I have made improvements in this. In the morning I go through my social media stuff and post things, usually before 8am. I check on my breaks and after work/in the evenings. But I read less food blogs and feel I have cut back. I should probably ask my husband what he thinks of that statement.

I’m feeling fairly good about this year now that I turned things around the beginning of March. I want this summer to be fun, happy and full of fitness activities. I need to remember that if I treat my body right, I am so much happier. It sometimes stinks saying “no” to certain treats, but I really do not need those items. I am finding a great balance of fun, fitness, family and friends I think. Here are my bullets for the next quarter of the year:

1. Finish Max30 and repeat T25. I need to switch things up after doing Max30 two times. I did T25 last year and really liked it. I like doing these 30 minute workouts as cross training.

2. Bike. Get on my bike outside and do some workouts. I hope to find some online that will push me to get faster instead of me just riding aimlessly.

3. Run. Keep running and take it outdoors. I’d love to try some new trails or areas to run other than just in Hazen.

4. Swim. This will be later in the summer but I’d like to join the Hazen Pool and work on my swimming. It is horrible!!

5. Family. Keep doing fun things with my husband and enjoy ourselves and our summer. I have a few fun sister things planned too I am looking forward to.

6. Enjoy the outdoors. I just want to be outside as much as possible to soak up our wonderful summer before it is gone.

7. Eating. Continue to eat healthy, little processed foods, sugar and junk.

8. Continue with less computer time to work on goals #1-7. That might mean I post fewer times per week. Since I am baking less, I will probably have less content. I hope what I do post is interesting enough for you to come and read. Maybe my content will focus a bit more on my healthiness and good for your recipes? We will see!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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3 Responses to 2015 quarterly goals first check in

  1. kate says:

    I think you do better then you give yourself credit. You are a star. *****************************

  2. kate says:

    Hope you saved time for the pontoon.

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