Arizona Vacation Recap #2

Tuesday – we got up fairly early and hit the road to visit Tortilla Flat. “Tortilla Flat is an authentic remnant of an old west town, nestled in the midst of the Tonto National Forest, in the Superstition Mountain Range. Tortilla Flat started out as a stagecoach stop in 1904 and neither fire nor flood has been able to take away this historic stop along the Historic Apache Trail.” Tortilla Flat has a boardwalk with a restaurant/saloon, outdoor dining area with music, country store with ice cream and a gift shop. The population of the town is 6!


Above is on our way to Tortilla Flat in Tonto National Forrest – with my husband, my cute lil’ Mom and a lovely cactus.

We sat on the BBQ Patio where we enjoyed a hamburger and live music. It was cool out this day so we did a bit of shopping and then hit the country store for a tasty ice cream cone.


Boardwalk at Tortilla Flat.


Musicians – please note that most people in AZ this time of year are retired. But they are all fun – they are so happy to be retired!

We were then on our way down the road 2 miles to Canyon Lake. Our destination was a 1.5 hour tour on The Dolly Steamboat. This is comparable to the Lewis & Clark Riverboat in Bismarck but newer, nicer and much better scenery. (I still love the Missouri River though!) Tickets were about $20/person. You can purchase snacks and beverages on the boat. The views were outstanding and I appreciated the historical commentary from the captain. It began to rain our last part of the tour, but it was still great as the boat is mostly enclosed.  20150224_132658

Our chariot awaiting us.


It’s actually quite green in the forest this year as they have been having a bit more moisture than their typical 7” per year.


Cactus love.


This is how you boat ride! Beer and popcorn – two of my faves.


When the clouds started moving in it actually made everything change colors and it was need to see it sunny and cloudy.


I love this photo. If you look closely you can see the moon in the sky. Several of the rocks seemed to resemble people when pointed out. So gorgeous.

The drive up and down from Tortilla Flat/Canyon Lake area is very winding and slow but you will appreciate that when you see the gorgeous views and tons of Saguaro cactus which I fell in love with during our visit. A few things we learned on our tour about that variety of cactus were eye-opening. Click on the link to learn more.

On the way back into town, the rain had passed and the sun was out so we stopped in Goldfield Ghost Town. You can walk around the “main street” and visit shops, buildings and restaurants. You can take a train ride though we had just missed last call. We were able to take advantage of the Superstition Zipline which is a seated zipline taking you a few hundred feet out and back for only $10 per person. The guide was a super nice guy and I had fun going 3x! Twice with my husband and once with Mom. Great music too!


Wednesday – this ended up being a surprisingly fun day. We decided to go to the horse track – Turf Paradise – in Phoenix. It ended up being a perfect day weather wise and we met up with my parents friend’s daughter and her husband (some people our age) and bet the day away. We mostly broke even but our one friend won over $100 betting somehow. It was a blast. I highly recommend this place. They have snacks and drinks to keep you cool. Afterwards, we went to a nearby neighborhood bar called Shenanigan’s Bar & Grill which is you know Super Troopers is just funny. It was a quick meal with pitchers of beer. On our way home we hit up Casino Arizona at Talking Stick for a bit of gambling and then back home for more pool action!


At the track ready to place my bets in the middle of the week. I really felt like a gambler! I love these shorts – they are nothing special but I scored them for $0.50 at Old Navy!


Turf Paradise.


I swear to God I’ll pistol whip the next guy who says “Shenanigans.” (Super Troopers!)


With our friend Wayne. I think these mugs were the perfect size. LOL!


I snapped this out the car window and it is just a crappy phone picture but we saw so many gorgeous sunsets during our stay!

Back with a final recap soon of vacation….

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  1. Amanda says:

    It looks so warm and lovely there! That second photo totally reminds me of Wall Drug.

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