Minot YMCA Well Beats class

Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit the Minot YMCA and try out one of their newer Well Beats class. I couldn’t find a lot of information about Well Beats on the Y’s website but I did gather that you could take a class (there are a variety offered from cycling, stomp, yoga, Fusion and more) at a set time, or select a class from a kiosk and take on your own as long a room was free. I choose the 7am 45 minute advanced cycling class on Saturday.


First – I have to say that it is clearly marked through the women’s locker room and the fitness rooms that cell phone devices are not allowed to be used. I only took a few photos for this post and made sure no one else was in the room when I took the photos. Naughty, I know but I needed to show you what I was talking about. The spin room was dark but had some nice lights on the steps and was a great set up.

The guest admission for the Minot Y is $10. I find that to be reasonable. I think $7 would be better (similar to Courts Plus in Fargo), but better than the $12+ charged at the Bismarck Y. The facility is quite new and has a ton of great features – gorgeous locker room with a private lockers and showers and a fairly large Jacuzzi type tub, a pool, a climbing wall, several gyms, lots of cardio equipment and indoor track among other offerings. I love this facility. The front desk lady that was working was very nice and helpful as well.


I was instructed to where the cycling room was and set up my bike. If you aren’t familiar with bikes, they each have a guide on them showing you how to set it up according to your height. There are towels in the room and wipes to clean your bike afterwards. When the class didn’t start at 7am I was worried I missed some instruction to get going. I ran out to the front desk and she assured me that it take a few minutes for the TV to come on and the system to warm up. It would also take about 5 minutes or so to cool down and shut off.


Sure enough, as I came back in the room, the class was just getting started. I was the only attendee in the 7am session and I was more than OK with that since I didn’t know what to expect. The class was led by a female instructor and she had two people you could follow. The one man took the harder route and the other man an easier route. The instructor was somewhere in between so I thought having those options was nice.

When I first went in the room I thought it was cold, temperature wise. I quickly warmed up following my virtual leader. About 10-15 minutes in, I was really sweating. She was very encouraging, maybe too much? She was all about positive mantras and it got a little old. But I was OK with it overall. She did a great job explaining what we were going to do and how many minutes the exercise would be. I wish she would have said more the % effort to give. She instructed us to go up a turn or two but our bikes had gears, not knobs. I was pretty disappointed when the class was wrapping up with about 35 minutes on my bike timer.

I pieced together that with the start up, actual class and wind down of the program the total was maybe 45 minutes. Actual cycling was closer to 30-33 minutes. That is pretty short to me. Since I was the only one in the room I continued to cycle for another 10-15 minutes to get in some decent mileage. In the future I would definitely take an hour class to get more time in the saddle. I liked the option of taking the virtual class because the in person instructed classes just don’t always work time wise. I think a class with an actual person and music pumping will always be my preferred option, this is great as a back up. I hope to take some more classes in Minot! The Minot Y has a great website and does a good job of advertising their classes and times. I saw on their Facebook page that this week is their big kick off to the Well Beats program Jan. 26-31. If you take a class, you get entered into a drawing for a prize. If you live in or around Minot, you should check it out. I am pretty jealous of people who have easy access to such amazing facilities. Don’t miss out!


So after sweating all morning, I definitely worked up my appetite. A few of my family members got together and checked out the Starving Rooster in downtown Minot. I would say overall our visit was good. Our service was a little hit and miss but the food was good. I really like the atmosphere there. They do allow kids so for me that is kind of a negative. It is a bar type vibe but it was killed by a kid screaming for a bit. I’m a scrooge, I know!! I would highly recommend the pizza and beer.


For this visit I got the flatbread – spicy sausage with roasted red peppers. It was good, but next time I’ll go for the full crust pizza. A slice of raspberry cake was shared amongst the table and got high remarks from everyone. I will return!

I’m already planning my next visit to Minot. I’d love to check out the climbing wall at the YMCA and have some drinks downtown. Any other restaurants I should check out? Even though I grew up in a nearby town I feel like so much has changed in Minot. I’m surely missing out on a few fun spots!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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3 Responses to Minot YMCA Well Beats class

  1. Jenna Juntunen says:

    Check out The Tap, it’s downtown, lots of beer selections. I like The Little Blue Elephant for Thai food, and then Sweet & Flour Patisserie is amazing for dinner and dessert! Then if you are going on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, stop by Ebeneezers and listen to Soulshine (if you like live music) They usually start about 9pm. They also have good food there!

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