I titled this post 2015 because most people fall into two groups: 1) they really don’t like new year’s resolutions or 2) they love them. I don’t know why people don’t like new year’s resolutions? Personally, I have never been big on them, but I think it is great for people to make goals no matter what time of the year it happens to be. That said, New Year goals often revolve around eating better, getting healthy, getting in shape, dropping el-bees, etc. Some people are annoyed when their gym fills up with newbies trying to get fit. I say more power to those people! There are tons more who aren’t even taking those steps. The sad thing is though, a few weeks into the year, you often times won’t see those people at the gym any more. They literally threw in the towel and quit. I think that is the main reason I haven’t really set any new year resolutions. I don’t think you need a whole new year to try to make changes. What is wrong with today, tomorrow or March 1? I get the idea of a clean slate, but each day is a clean slate and a day we will never get back.


Even though it is into the new year already, I have set goals for the first quarter of 2015, some of which I will share here. By hitting publish on this post, I do feel a bit more accountable. I hope to revisit these in a few months and adjust or reset my goals for the spring/summer. I did start my goals on Thursday, January 1. And you know why? Because setting your fitness/health goals for that day is actually pretty tough. What do most people do on New Year’s Eve? They go party! Have some drinks, catch up with friends and eat not-so-good-for-you foods. I do this most every New Year’s Eve. But then on the New Year Day what happens? You might be hung over, craving greasy foods and laying on the couch watching a marathon of bad movies. I’ve also been there! (And I am sure I will be there again!) Instead of ringing in 2015 with loads of drinks and snacks I spent the last day of 2014 eating out pizza, enjoyed a few brews with my husband and watching the ball drop on TV. We had invites to parties but to be honest, the hustle and bustle of Christmas and parties and family left me feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to stay in and just be at home with my husband and my pets. No shame in that game. Also no doubt, this made my first day of the new year easier to achieve some of my goals.

1. Clean up my eating

Christmas 2014 was wonderful. I was so happy to see so much of my family. However, I also let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted. This had left me feeling bloated and heavy. I do believe everything in moderation. I’m not giving up snacks or nachos or pizza, etc. But for January, I am going to focus on eating minimally processed foods, cutting out sugar and watching my carb intake. I love carbs and my body needs them to function and workout, but I was sneaking too many bites and snacks. I sometimes fall in the mentality if no one sees it, it doesn’t count. My jeans do not agree. I know what to do and just have to do it!

2. Budget


With that, I also want to cut back on my monthly food budget. I have allowed it to get out of hand and need to reign it back in. No more pretzels and junk that don’t add any nutrition to my meals.

3. Stop baking so much


I love to bake, it is one of my favorite weekend hobbies. However, when I bake, I eat my goodies. I mean what respectable chef doesn’t taste her food before serving it to guests? Tasting it is fine, but it is all the samples I have AFTER that that put me in trouble. For the blog, I have a lot of baking recipes to share in the upcoming weeks. So now, I don’t really have an excuse.

I have to say – I did bake on January 1. Whoops. But I had black bananas I had to use up and I didn’t eat or sample a single one. These will go to my husband and his buddies to enjoy. But the recipe is coming!

4. Complete Insanity Max 30


If you follow along, you might know I love at home workouts, especially Shaun T’s workouts. This is his newest workout and the fact that it can be done in around 30 minutes is extremely appealing to me. I LOVED T25 (also a 30 minute program) and Insanity (more like an hour long). During T25 I ate really well and saw a lot of physical change. During Insanity I didn’t eat as well and I did gain muscle but I didn’t see as much change in the mirror as I had hoped. The saying is true: you can’t out train a bad diet. I enjoy doing these workouts instead of just cardio. I really feel it has built up my muscle and made me stronger overall.

I want to focus on the quality of my workouts and not so much on the time spent exercising. I started this program and am loving the quick pace of the workouts. Get ‘er done, no need in messing around.

5. Cardio


I want to continue going to spin class 2x/week if possible. Of course I’d much rather be outside cycling but that won’t be happening for a few more months. I also want to continue running. I have a love/hate relationship with running as many people do. I feel very accomplished when I finish a hard or long run. But other times I feel so out of shape and unable to continue. It is a struggle. I don’t care much for the treadmill (it is so boring and I don’t own any headphones so I am alone in my thoughts and that can be crazy), but I am doing most of my runs on the ‘mill since it is so slippery and cold outside. Oh and I am a big klutz. Inside=safer for Sarah. I’d like to read up a little more on what I can do to improve both my cycling and running speed and efficiency.


6. Travel


Travel is so important and I love looking back on trips I have taken. I would like to travel more in 2015. Car, train, plane, whatever. The obvious down side is the cost. We have a few travel ideas but I’d like to make them more permanent. If not travelling in 2015, booking trips for 2016!

7. Confidence


Some people seem like they just have their shit together, you know what I mean? I am not one of those people. I struggle with a lot of things! I hope I hide this well but maybe not? I often feel extremely awkward in social crowds, almost every time I go to run I have thoughts in my head that I won’t be able to complete the run, I find myself comforting my emotions with food from time to time and so on. I don’t know if other people think this way or not? I feel kind of like as I am getting older, this is getting worse. Especially being in social situations. I don’t care for small talk and I’m not good at it. I generally revert to saying something dumb or not interesting or drinking to relax. I need to reframe my thinking.

I am a fun and interesting person. Why wouldn’t someone want to chat with me? Hopefully I can reach out to more people when I am in social situations instead of relying on my husband or others. << He is so friendly, gets along with everyone and could seriously probably make friends with the wall if he had to. 

8. Sleep


S for sleep. Keep getting quality sleep, at least 7 hours a night. This makes me a happier and healthier person.

9. Monthly picture of good things

I have no problem taking photos of food or my pets. I’d like to get a quality picture of me and my husband every month doing something we enjoy or making a fun memory. I always have good intentions but then forget.

10. I’m grouping these together as the are ongoing things I try to work on: less computer/phone time, stay healthy, more organization/less procrastination, worry less about things.


So, that is the plan for now. If you are on social media, please follow me @feistyeats. I post a lot on Instagram and sometimes on Twitter. I’ll check back in with some updates in a few months on my goals.


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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3 Responses to 2015

  1. jenieats says:

    You put a lot of thought into your goals! I hope you find some great places to travel. And I feel you on the “confidence” goal.

  2. Love this post! Good luck with all your goals! You can do it! And you are an interesting person who anyone would feel privileged to chat with. I can’t wait to meet you someday!

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