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Chobani Fruit Cups

Hi! Is anyone gearing up for a New Year’s Eve or Day party? If so, I have a great recipe idea for you. This appetizer is something healthier, so you can jump start your resolutions for 2015 to eat healthy. … Continue reading

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Mint Crinkle Cookies

Oh man, these are one of my faves. I love chocolate and I love mint so it is kind of a no-brainer. These cookies are fudgy like a good brownie should be, have a hint of mint and are covered … Continue reading

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I am happy (and proud) to say that I finished one complete round of the Beachbody Insanity workout. It is fair to say this was the most difficult workout routine I have ever done. It has also, not surprisingly, been … Continue reading

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Pepperoni Pizza Chili

Now there is an eye catching recipe name, right? I don’t really know how I come about some of the recipes I find. But I can guarantee you this is an excellent twist on typical chili. It is perfect for … Continue reading

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Stir fried cabbage

Stir fry meals are great for many reasons. 1) You can use up a lot of veggies in your fridge that might be getting old, 2) it cooks quickly, 3) you can really adapt the dish to your preferences. For … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce

I browsed a few outrageous pie recipes online in preparation for Thanksgiving. I was in charge of a dessert and veggies. Funny, right? When I brought a few recipe ideas to the husband, they all were shot down. Too fancy. … Continue reading

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Turkey meatballs

I have the most thrilling (to me) guest post today! This whole dinner was prepared for and made by my husband. He is the best! He took a few of the photos while cooking and even sent me the recipe … Continue reading

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