Weekend Wrap Up

I made an effort to take a few photos over this past weekend of what I did. I usually am never home for a whole weekend. I wasn’t for this past weekend either, but I was home all of Friday evening and Saturday which is rare. Here are a few things I did. (And yes, it took me a whole week to get this together and posted. Busy, busy!!)


I did a lot of meal prepping. Obviously, Thanksgiving was this week and I am pretty determined to keep it healthy. It’s so hard this time of year with all the treats, sweets and drinks. BUT, I am banding with a group of girls on Facebook on a clean eating challenge this week and I want to do well! Here are some healthy oatmeal “cookies” (just mashed up banana, oatmeal and cinnamon and baked), boiled eggs, sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli and cabbage. I also made smoothies, scrambled eggs, cut up fruit and veggies and will grill some chicken.


I completed my first week of Month 2 of Insanity. I am really loving the workouts. They are super tough and I have to modify and take breaks, but I am getting stronger I think. When I cool down or foam roll my cat always wants to come over and be buddies. She is too cute.


I cracked eggs with one hand! Yep, that is exciting to me. I YouTubed how to do this and it is pretty simple. I think with some more practice I’ll be a pro.



I picked up a Bountiful Basket order in Beulah. I haven’t done one in a while since I have been gone so much. This basket had a new to me fruit – a papaya. We Googled it and it says you can eat those seeds or use them in a dressing as they are a bit peppery. I ate a few and didn’t care for them. But I really like the fruit part, it tastes kind of like melon. We also got radishes, bananas, fennel, oranges, pears, grapes, cucumbers, green onions, lettuce, asparagus and pomegranate.


I made this bomb lunch with leftovers – the base is a sweet potato, topped with chicken breast, broccoli, a bit of cheese, hummus and salsa. All mixed together and it is wonderful.


I got my tree put up. Yes, it is a little bit early, but I love the lights on the tree and Christmas will be here so soon!


Along with putting up the tree, I had a serious day of cleaning the house (the husband just wrapped up installing new oak doors upstairs so it was messy) and doing lots of laundry. I also moved my workout area from the basement living room to the basement spare room. I was really putting the hurt on the carpet in the living area from working out there so often. The carpet is nice and it was $$. We recently had the carpet cleaned and the man commented on the wear and tear in that area. So we brainstormed moving me into the spare room where the carpet is rarely seen or used and is cheaper. I actually like it, I feel more secluded and the ceiling is slightly higher. I still have plenty of room to do my fitness DVDs. This is a crap picture, but you get the idea.


I was in Bismarck Sunday for some errands so I choose to go early and visit Capital Racquet Fitness Center and do a treadmill workout. While I was working out a gal had turned one of the TV’s to a Lifetime movie. I think this was a bad choice, especially when there were mostly men in the gym. She left shortly and a man came and changed it to ESPN. I don’t really care what is on as I am wrapped in my own thoughts. Most of the general Sunday football stuff came on the screen but soon something different caught my eye. It was a story of Mark Keys, a disabled man who decided to write to famous people asking them to describe their best day. Naturally, I figured most of the letters would be on the sports people and their trophies. While the people who responded to Mark in this 7-minute video were in fact athletes, their best days didn’t revolve on sports. Some of the people who replied I didn’t know: Chuck Bednarik, Eric Dickerson and Bruce Arians. But I enjoyed all of the stories. Mark figures he has written to over 10,000 celebrities. The final story was a letter he wrote to and got a reply from Walter Payton, who I have heard of. ESPN reached out to his son and his son never knew Walter had replied to this letter as Walter obviously received a lot of mail. His son read the letter and I legit had tears rolling down my face. I’m on the damn treadmill thinking I might have an asthma attack because I am trying not to cry. It was such a great story. If you have 7 minutes, the video is here: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11924279


After that heavy story, I finished up my workout and went down to the women’s locker room to enjoy the whirlpool. My small town gym doesn’t have this feature and I was determined to enjoy this on this particularly cold Sunday. It. Was. Glorious!


After my sweat fest I went over to Pita Pit (probably my favorite fast food place) to get my same pita I always order when I saw this sign. I paid my $2 and got 6 pitas in my bag. I think it was a great deal and look forward to making my own Pita Pit at home!


My reason for going to Bismarck was to attend the Holiday Sweet Cheers put on by McQuade Distributing pairing winter beers with desserts. But more on that in another post.


^^The thought has crossed my mind!

What an accomplished weekend…who knows what this weekend will bring! Have a wonderful weekend friends – I hope you are enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend.


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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