Oktoberfest in Hazen

On Thursday, October 9, the Mr. and I headed over to the Hazen Golf Course for the city’s inaugural Oktoberfest Beer for Boobs event. In the past Hazen has had a harvest celebration or a summer event. Due to timing of other things going on in Hazen and the surrounding area, this year the Chamber put on a long weekend of Oktoberfest events. The kickoff (well, at least for me being a beer lover) was Beer for Boobs. Some of the proceeds of this event was going to help with mammogram costs, hence the fun name. We arrived at 4:30 to help with whatever was needed. We lucked out with stunning October weather and the golf course was decorated so nicely for the event.


I love fall!


In addition to the beer tasting, there was also fun games to be held like the stein holsting competition and hammerschlagen. Hammerschlagen is a game played by having a large tree stump about waist high with the flat sides facing the floor and ceiling. Each person gets a nail and one swing of a cross-peen hammer using your non-dominant hand. The person who gets their nail flush to the stump wins the pot. We played $1 per person. More on the stein holding contest below.


The event was $20 to attend and that included samples of beer (provided by Jerome’s Distributing) and keg beer prior to the tasting. Krause’s Market was on hand and provided some excellent Oktoberfest food including sausages, kraut, spicy pretzels and more. You could purchase Das Boot for $10 to fill up with beer that evening and throughout the weekend at the other events, like the Tigirlily / Kat Perkins concert that would be held Saturday at the hockey arena.


The tables were set with peanuts for munching / palate cleansing.


Setting up the beer pouring station.


Oh, and we aren’t ones to skip a reason to party and dress up so we played the part! We got these get-ups from Amazon for a reasonable price and they were a hit. Our friends also dressed up and it was a blast. I must also note that the beer mug I am holding is actually a purse!!


The kegs we had were Coors Light and Sam Adams Oktoberfest. Excellent.


On the left is the hammerschlagen game. On the right is a price list of some Oktoberfest beers for sale at Hazen Bottle that week. Also noted is the Hazen Bottle Annual Wine Tasting to be held on Nov. 20. I have the date reserved on my calendar. That is always a fun time with tons of food, wines and people!

Before the beer tasting and education we played the stein holding contest. The girls went first. We had to hold a full glass beer mug with our non dominate hand straight out for as long as possible. This is so much harder than it looks. Thanks to my husband for videoing this. I tried to embed the video but was having difficulty. I thought my arm was going to fall off. All the participants received a Sam Adams t-shirt, the beer in the mug and the glass beer mug. The winner received a very nice Sam’s Adams Oktoberfest stein. I won! Barely though. Yikes!!


And here are the guys. Mark on the left ended up winning. He looks like he isn’t even flinching! It was no problem for him. The women went about 2 and a half minutes and I think the men went like 5 or 6? You can tell my husband is in a bit of pain at this point!!

After that, we helped hand out the beer samples and I watched my girlfriend dominate the hammerschlagen game! This was such a fun event. There were various other events throughout the weekend including a fleischkukle feed, German food at the restaurants in town, a pheasant tail feather contest, craft show and the big concert on Saturday among other things. Prior to the concert we had a party at our house in the garage. What a fun time!


We had tons of food and two kegs brought over by a friend – another Oktoberfest and a Pumpkin Porter. Yum! We even had a DJ playing German music for us and set up our own hammerschlagen in the back yard. I dressed in my outfit again and was joined by my Mom in her Beerfest mug costume. Fun, fun, fun!

I was glad to see something like this in Hazen. All of the Oktoberfest weekend events were great. I think some lessons were learned and with some tweaking, this could be a successful annual event in our small town. Prost!


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