A weekend in Dickinson

A couple weekends ago, I hopped into the pick up with my Mom and Dad and we headed west to Dickinson, ND to explore. We actually lived in Dickinson for 2 quick years when I was a kid so we were anxious to drive through our old neighborhood and see how things changed. First, we wanted to shop downtown and see what was going on.


I was kind of surprised that the downtown was so quiet. There were some stores, including this great antique like store with that cute clock, but there were a lot of empty store fronts and there were not many people on this Saturday afternoon. The store above was JP Frame Shop and Western Edge (I think is the correct name). I took the photo above right because they had some goods made from recycled bike parts which I thought was neat.


The store also had this big turkey downstairs I made friends with. He was nice and friendly. On this block we also visited Greene Drug and Gift and Colors of Health which had a ton of health food, vitamins, organic and gluten free items.


This collection of cameras was located at Good Olde Days Antiques & Collectibles.


Dickinson has an Art Ave but so far this lil’ birdie was the only artwork.


Immediately across from Art Ave was this charming little restaurant called Stix N Twigs. It was so cute inside, friendly staff and the food being served look good and healthy. I grabbed an iced tea for the road and it was delicious. Maybe we will be back to try it again!

At this point we found out some of the stores were closed or minimally staffed as their was an expo going on for women at the expo center. We thought maybe we’d check that out since we were in town. But first, we were hungry. Pizza to the rescue!


We went to Wildcat Pizzeria just north of I94. Tip: if you are coming in from the south, you will want to park in the north lot as there is no access on the south even though it looks like there would be.


The place is nice and open and was clean. You seat yourself, look at the menu, take your table number and go up to order and pay. They have New York style pizza with a thin, whole wheat crust, hot dogs, salads, stromboli and a self serve yogurt bar. They have a variety of beer on tap. The pizza is really large, but the crust is thin so you will eat more than you think. We got a half pepperoni and half Greek (red onion, spinach, olives and feta with no sauce) and it was so good! We also got a veggie stromboli and we took home about 3 slices of pie. I’d definitely return and I can see this place in my future on another chill weekend when nothing is going on.


It wasn’t busy, service was quick and we were impressed with the cooks ability to spin the dough around while making the pie!


This was the stromboli. Also excellent. After this we headed to the women’s expo which was just so-so but it was fun to do.

Dickinson didn’t seem busy and traffic was fine. It has obviously grown and there is a lot of new stuff but I was surprised at the lack of people! I hope to return to take the husband to this pizza place!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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One Response to A weekend in Dickinson

  1. kate says:

    The pizza was outstanding. Was also sad that the downtown just didn’t have a lot going on. The coffee house is a for sure return. But the company that day was great. A fun trip really.

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