Beaver Creek Brewery, Wibaux, MT

My husband and I were graciously invited by the company he works for to attend the Medora Musical and Pitchfork Fondue as their Family Picnic they put on annually. This was the first Saturday in August. We decided to make a weekend of it and stay both Friday and Saturday in Medora. I am familiar with Beaver Creek Brewery from the 2013 Beerfest in Bismarck where I got to sample their beers. They brew in Wibaux, Montana, so I proposed making a trip there on Friday upon our arrival before heading back to Medora for the evening. My husband isn’t a big fan of craft beers, but he loves visiting small towns and agreed to drive. Wibaux is about 7 miles into Montana right off of I-94, a mere half hour or so from Medora. If you get tired of driving you can stop off in Beach for a quick break!


Wibaux is a small town of about 500 people. Wikipedia states: “According to legend, Theodore Roosevelt got his nickname “Old Four Eyes” in Wibaux, (Mingusville, at the time) shortly after moving to the badlands from New York City. A drunk sheep rancher in the bar said “four eyes is buying”. At first Roosevelt ignored him, but the man wouldn’t let up. Eventually he walked over to confront Roosevelt. Roosevelt stood up, accidentally tripping the drunk man, who fell and did not get up.” Who knows if that is true, but interesting.

The brewery didn’t open until 4pm MDT and we arrived in town at about 3:30. We decided to give a couple other watering holes a try! There were two bars on the main drag just adjacent to the brewery – the Shamrock and the Rainbow Club.


The Shamrock was decorated pretty fun with a bar on one side and food on the other side. The bar had this cow head and on the ceiling were the names and brands of various area ranches which was kind of neat.


The beer was literally ice cold. Mine had ice crystals in it and I was not complaining.


After that beer we went over to the Rainbow Club. We each had a beer and it was happy hour – they were both $3.50! Total. Isn’t that crazy? I just love small towns! At this point, it was about 4:30 and I wanted to head over to the brewery.


It was a packed house! I don’t know if this is typical or if people in Montana only work until 4pm maybe? But we did find a table and a bag of popcorn and promptly went up to the bar to order as instructed by signage.


The brewery is bright, open and decorated with some antique type items. From what I understood, they always have 6 beers on tap, two seasonal beers and a root beer. The Gem Theater is immediately next door and has been renovated to serve appetizers and pizzas. The Gem also has live music. Both buildings look historic and have been renovated nicely. We saw signage at the brewery that they can only serve three pints a night to a person. They also aren’t open very late (8pm) which makes me think it must be some sort of state law since the brewery seems very popular. They have a small offering of gifts and we couldn’t pass on this t-shirt for a friend. LOL.


You can imagine the taglines that you could come up with a name like Beaver Creek!


OK, onto the beer. I got two flights which included every beer they had – including the root beer. I didn’t really take notes since it was so busy and I was just trying to enjoy my time with my husband. But they were all good! I’d gladly make a return visit anytime.

This is taken direct from their website:

Named for the small creek running through Wibaux, Beaver Creek Brewery
opened its doors in summer 2008 with six beers on tap, plus root beer.
Since then, BCB has grown in popularity, becoming a regional destination
for connoisseurs of beer, music and good times.

The next time you’re in our neck of the plains, stop by and say hi. We
always say, “Our Beaver Tastes Better!” and we love it when people come in
and find out for themselves!


Wibaux’s Gold – 5.5 ABV
Our lightest ale-hybrid (brewed with an ale yeast at a lower temp). This is what we call a lager style ale!

Beaver Creek Pale – 6.6 ABV
Slightly darker than a traditional pale ale with a full body and well-rounded hoppiness.

Paddlefish Stout – 6.3 ABV
Brewed with dark-roasted grains, adding hints of chocolate with added fresh-brewed espresso. If you like coffee, you’re gonna love this beer! Served with a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.

Redheaded IPA – 7.3 ABV
2009 People’s Choice Award Winner at Montana Brewer’s Association Brew Festival. India Pale Ale dark amber color with a rich hop flavor with just the right amount of malt sweetness. Dry hopped for added aroma.

Rusty Beaver Wheat – 7.6 ABV
A local favorite! Non-traditional, big and bold wheat ale brewed with red wheat malt, caramalt, and Montana grown pale malted barley. A nice touch of sweet orange peel adds to a smooth malty finish.

Rough Rider Wheat – 4.0 ABV
Light ale brewed with lemon grass.

Lotsa Root Beer (non-alcoholic)
Brewed with our secret recipe. Try with 2 scoops of Montana-made Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream!

Mighty Big ESB (SEASONAL) –6.3 ABV
Extra special bitter.


Sportsman’s Liquor

JL Beers-Paddlefish Stout
McKenzie River Pizza-Redheaded IPA
Broadway Bar and Grill

Freddie’s- Rusty Beaver Wheat
Main Street Drive Thru Liquor-Redheaded IPA

Wildcat Pizza
Army’s West-Paddlefish Stout
Elks Lodge-Redheaded IPA
Frontier Liquor-growler fills

Boots Bar and Grill-Rusty Beaver Wheat, Beaver Creek Pale Ale, Wibaux’s Gold, Paddlefish Stout, Redheaded IPA
Roughrider Hotel-Rough Rider Wheat
Little Missouri- Rusty Beaver Wheat


I do have to say in retrospect, I think we were a bit rushed. It was so busy in there and we were concerned about getting back to Medora without having too much to drink. I now know there is a Beaver Creek Inn & Suites and I’d love to make a return visit to spend more time at BCB and the other local bars. Obviously I have to go back!


This was one side of two of the small menu. We wanted a pizza and got a small taco. It was a perfect size to get something in our bellies.



The ingredients and toppings were fresh on our taco pizza and we ate everything. I also enjoyed a second bag of popcorn. I really need to do a tour of USA bars that serve popcorn so I can find the best. I just love popcorn!


And finally I was happy to be the passenger on the way home. Thanks for going with husband. Let’s go back soon!


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  1. I love popcorn too!!! I never see it at bars but would love to do a tour as well. I think the last two times were in North Dakota-at the Ground Round and Crowbar in Sabin.

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