Buffalo Commons Brewing

In case anyone is curious, I am still beer (and alcohol) free! Well along into my 5-week fitness goal/challenge. I might even make it 6 weeks, we will see! However, I have been thinking about beer the whole time. I am craving a super cold, deep, dark beer. I even had a dream about it one night. Oh my! I thought now would be a good time to flash back to a visit I took to Buffalo Commons Brewing, located at 2307 Memorial Hwy in Mandan, here is their Facebook page. The brewery is located in an industrial area – blink and you will miss it so be careful to pay attention when driving.

I tried to do a little online research on Buffalo Commons Brewing but they don’t have much out there yet. I know it is distributed by McQuade Distributing and I saw it at Beerfest 2013 in Bismarck when we were there. They just opened their brewery in the past month or so I’d say? You can get their brew at some restaurants in town, I think maybe Peacock Alley, Reza’s Pitch and McKenzie River Pizza, but don’t quote me. They feature some regular brews and also some seasonal beers.

You cannot go into their brewery and buy a pint. However, you can get 4 tickets and sample the beer of your choice. They also sell growlers to go. If you want to talk beer? Ted is your man! From our brief visit there, I understand that about 20+ years ago Ted’s wife (I’m sorry I cannot recall her name), bought Ted a homebrew kit. Fast forward and it has blossomed into this venture with, I must say, very tasty beers!


We stopped at the brewery on our way south to Prairie Knights Casino. We were very warmly welcomed and immediately invited to take our tickets for beer samples and Ted started a tour for us. Unfortunately (but also fortunately), I didn’t pay the best attention as Ted was just a ways in and I was surprised by a group of friends from out of town that surprised us! I hadn’t seem them in a while so it was difficult to focus! Regardless, Ted gave a great tour and was very knowledgeable. He answered all the questions we threw at him. Ted is the man on the right side behind the bar with the white goatee.


They are selling the t-shirts you see for sale on the wall for a very reasonable price. I liked the set up they had and the deck seating was just perfect for the industrial building. There was also a basket of pretzels to cleanse your palate between your samples.


You can see what was sampling the day we were there. I tried all of them except for the pale ale which in general, is just not my favorite type of beer. I loved them all. Seriously. Good beer. Way better to me than Laughing Sun – nothing wrong with them, just my personal taste. I like any beer made locally but I really enjoyed this. For me, it was on par with Fargo Brewing beer. I really enjoy their brews as well. I really enjoyed the strong BULLY! with notes of coffee and chocolate but obviously, it would be a sipping beer at 7.6% alcohol volume! Salem Sue Stout was on the same tasting level as BULLY but not as strong. Windblown Wheat was a wonderful, easy drinking beer with citrus notes. The Buffalo Commons Brown was similar to a Newcastle and best of all – they served their beer COLD!


For my choice (I mean I had to get a growler to go) I picked the Windblown Wheat and plan to serve it with a few orange slices. Mr. FeistyEats even liked this beer and he is generally just a Bud Light man. With the growler filled, this was about $20. Refills are available for about $15 I believe. I encourage you to stop and give this beer a try. They are super friendly folks!


One final thing. Once we got to Prairie Knights Casino for a night out, the bar was set up. THIS, my friends, is how you set up a bar in your hotel. Courtesy of my friend Travis – shot cups, liquors, ice, beer, mixes, whatever you want, on the ironing board. This man knows how to pack a cooler!

If you are heading to the casino or stopping in Bismarck for a day of shopping, don’t miss Buffalo Commons Brewing if you like good beer and friendly people. I wish them nothing but the best and I hope to stop by again if I am in the area.


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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