Hazen Kitchen Remodel

Finally! After having our kitchen remodeled back in February, I have an update for you. The cabinet makers were very prompt and quick. However, I drug my feet a bit with getting furniture and décor. We have almost everything in place so I thought I’d share some before and after side by sides.


Above it our new kitchen/dining area. I am in love. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most expensive remodels you can do, typically. However, we spend a lot of time in our kitchen so it has been well worth it to us. If we ever move or sell, we will most likely get the money back. One of my favorite features are the new lights. They are on dimmers and make the room so bright compared to what it was. I always have them on bright!


When we were cleaning out the original cupboards our cat, Brinklie, loved to hide in them! When Mr. FeistyEats removed some cupboards we found this lovely laminate tiling. I kind of like that retro look. Not enough to have it as my flooring, but it was neat to see.


You can see some progression here. Originally, the kitchen had tile countertops. They were nice enough, but the grout was always dirty and just not my favorite look. You can see the original lighting were hanging pendants. They were nice enough to look at but not bright at all. Also, please note the hanging chandelier type light in the dining area that is NOT in the center of the room. These things – tile tops, lighting and poor ceiling patchwork (from previous hanging cabinets by the hanging pendants) were my top 3 things I really did not like about the kitchen.


In our hallway is what I think used to be a coat closet. There was a front entry addition added to our house before we moved there (we have a split level home). We love it and there is plenty of space for coats and shoes down there. We used this closet as a pantry using shelves the best we could – it worked fairly well. Mr. FeistyEats ripped all that out in preparation for the new pantry.


The new pantry is beautiful. It is oak and the bottom portion features slide out drawers while the top has shelves for storage.


I love that I have an area for canned goods like tomatoes and a shelf (or 3!) for baking items. The pull out drawers are so handy to have.


In the before photo on  the left we didn’t have our microwave by the oven. Mr. FeistyEats added on a few inches to the island so we could place the microwave there and get it off of our countertops. We have limited space, so this was huge in freeing up some extra countertop for me. We really love this. The only new appliance we got was a fridge as the others all work great. We just wanted a different style fridge and sold our other one. The new countertops are high definition laminate and we love it. We had it in our Fargo home as well. We also got new bar stools, 3 versus 2 we used to have thanks to additional space that was added.


The new cabinetry is elder wood (I believe) and is similar enough to the oak pantry in the hall you can’t tell the difference since they are separate in distance. You can see we kept the same color scheme overall and the flooring as it is in excellent shape.


The far corner cabinet (you can see where we had our microwave before as well) was a lazy susan style that we did not care for. Now, it is just a huge cabinet ready for storage. We actually have quite a few empty shelves and cabinets as we gained so much more storage with the remodel!


This is the same cabinet before on the left. On the right is the new cabinet that goes to the ceiling. At first I wasn’t sure about this feature but I love it. We don’t keep much on the top since it is hard to reach but we never have to worry about dusting the tops or needing more storage space. Our cabinet maker also recommended it.


This is a poor side by side but our new sink (on the right) is level with the counters. We also got a new faucet and garbage disposal. On the to do list yet is to get some blinds for that particular window.


We had a nice space rack before that pulled out and I didn’t want to lose that. We love spices. The cabinet doesn’t disappoint as all of it features pullouts. The top is mostly empty shelves for now.


We face the outdoors so sorry for the poor lighting. Before is on the left and after is on the right. The biggest changes to me are the ceiling high cabinets and the added storage/sitting on the right hand side wall and the lighting.


Goodbye random hanging light. Ugh, that thing! I love the new dining area, storage and seating. It’s hard to tell from the above, but between those two cabinets is a seating area for 2-3 people.


I will hopefully add some cushions or pillows here one day. It’s the perfect little nook area.


From this view you can maybe get a better idea that the one side of the table that doesn’t have a chair is where the seating bench is located.


Looking at the photos you don’t see much of a difference. But in person, there is very much a difference. It is brighter, cleaner and I think a little happier?


I suppose the worst part of a kitchen remodel is you still need to use it to eat! You can see Mr. FeistyEats built us an island countertop to eat off in the transition. We have a wet bar downstairs so we could use that. We stored all our items in the spare room so it really wasn’t that bad. Mark Olson did the electric work and Anderson Cabinets from Center did the cabinets and finally, Obenauer did the plumbing work. We were extremely happy with all 3. Flawless work as far as we can tell and very nice guys.


On the left is from the seating nook looking into the kitchen. On the right is one of the tall cabinets in the seating nook area. It’s nice to store my cleaning equipment in that one area.


This is a great spot to have people over for cards, appetizers and drinks I do so believe!


I feel like everything has a purpose and a place. The flow really works for me.


It’s nice to have my pots and pans right by my stovetop. Above the fridge is a great place to store rarely used entertaining items.

We are so very happy with our new kitchen. I am sorry it took so long to share the final results. In the meantime, I also had some changes in my bathroom!


I had asked my Mr. for a quick update on my bathroom. I have a very small bathroom and before it was painted a dark tan. I really disliked how it made the room feel even smaller! Also, the paint job was showing wear and tear above the shower (maybe from steam?) so a paint job was in order. After you can see it so such much more bright! He painted the vanity, mirror, walls and trim white. Above the trim, the very top of the walls and the ceiling are blue. I added a blue shower curtain for some brightness as well. This took him hardly any time but made such a huge difference. I am a much happier shower-er now!


Another comparison.


And finally looking out towards the hall. It is difficult to get an accurate photo due to the small size. Needless to say – you can see wrinkles and gray hairs much easier now.

So, I guess if there is a lesson here – a quick paint job can be relatively cheap and make a big statement. A kitchen makeover will be expensive but also make a big statement. Both make me very happy!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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2 Responses to Hazen Kitchen Remodel

  1. Your remodel looks beautiful!!! I’m jealous of your pantry.

  2. YAY!!! So exciting to have a HUGE project like a remodel done!! It turned out awesome! And I bet you are LOVING cooking in it! 🙂 So fun!

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