Souris River Brewing, Minot

Souris River Brewing is located at 32 3rd Street NE in Minot, ND. It is just up the road from Sweet & Flour or Ebeneezer’s if you are familiar with those places. It’s good to know because I would have probably driven by it if my parents didn’t know where it was located. The exterior is below. I was totally underwhelmed and wondering what we were getting into.


Pretty non-descript, right?


I had to use the restroom right away and I really liked it. Clean, minimal but nice décor. Things were looking up, maybe?


Of course, I wanted the beer! That is all I knew about this place was they had beer that they brew. I was sad though that of a full page of beer offerings, only 2 were available? I don’t understand!? They also had beer from the Laughing Sun Brewery in Bismarck but if I wanted that beer I’d go there. I still went ahead and ordered a flight.


Looking over their menu, there seemed to be a good lunch selection. The soup of the day was Pineapple Ham which sounded interesting. I mean, people get pineapple on their Canadian Bacon pizzas all the time, right? I decided to order the Bruschetta Grilled Cheese which was described as Pepper Jack Cheese & Roma Tomato Slices, Baked with Garlic Olive Oil & Spices on a Ciabatta Bun with the house made Sweet Potato Chips for a very reasonable $7.


I really liked the interior of the restaurant and how it was decorated.


Sorry for the blurry photo. You can see they have a mix of lights which I loved and seating. The open area there is the kitchen. There were not many people at the restaurant at all.


This is what I got for beer: Souris River Swill, Avram American Ale, Cocoa Beware and Black JunIPA. I was confused since there were only 2 beers checked marked but they have 4 and I believe these were all made at the restaurant. I don’t know for certain because our waitress didn’t offer an insight. Of these, I enjoyed the Black JunIPA (usually I don’t care for IPAs) and Souris River Swill which tasted like a Bud Light or Miller Lite.

A bit more on a few of the beers I found on their website. The other two weren’t listed. Again, that just seems odd and inconsistent.

Souris River Swill | ABV 5.5% | IBU 60
This ale is inspired by the verb “swill” which means “to drink great drafts of”. It’s medium body and hop bitterness is what allows you to “swill” our swill. Balanced hops compliment the sweetness of the body, leaving an enticing aroma that lingers long after the glass is emptied.

Avram American Ale | ABV 6.0% | IBU 85
Avram is a bold American pale ale that is well balanced and pleasingly hoppy. With complex malt character and a warming finish, this beer pairs nicely with any burger or sandwich on our menu.

Cocoa Beware was a cocoa chili ale brewed with cocoa and red pepper. It was unique but I didn’t detect much red pepper at all. Sadly, I also thought the beers weren’t cold. They weren’t warm, they just weren’t ice cold like I think a beer should be.


They had a chalkboard showcasing the beers they had which was valuable since I didn’t get anything from the waitress much. She was a fine waitress as far as taking our order and bringing things out but I like when they explain things or mention items of note on the menu. That said, onto the food.


This was my meal. It was good and I ate the whole sandwich and most of the chips. The pickle was great. However, this is not what I was expecting. The chips seem burned to me? Someone at a nearby table also got the chips and they were this dark. Perhaps this is how they prepare them? If so, I’d suggest taking them out a little sooner. They were salted nicely though. The sandwich was a bit plain. I was hoping for more seasoning and more Roma slices. This was just…meh.

Someone in our group did get the Pineapple Ham soup. There was not much flavor and in fact, I would have guessed it was cauliflower from the bite I had. There also wasn’t much ham and it was runny. My aunt got the Elk chili and she said it was outstanding. There were also salads and sliders ordered at our table. Everything was fine, but nothing to note. Sadly, my Grandmother actually got ill after our visit. She had a salad and I guess I didn’t check out the chefs in the open kitchen but maybe there was some cross-contamination? I hate to give a negative review. It was a great atmosphere but they need to step it up on the lunch food and get the beer colder. It would help to have more talkative servers. Perhaps the many empty tables should have been a tip-off? I hope with time things improve because I think Minot needs a place like this.


There were definitely some highs and lows, but the lows were more frequent. Maybe our trip was an off day, but judging by those tables, maybe not? I wish them the best of luck though!


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