Fitness check in

OK, time to get real. I think most people who know me are aware I have been working on my fitness. I started out with the goal to primarily loose weight. Now I am at a stage where I’d like to kick up my fitness. And I am in a bit of a rut. So I am throwing some things out there in hope that this will help me. I know in the beginning of my “journey” things felt so impossible. I had so far to go and it was hard to begin. In fact, I can tell you that I started my fit journey on April 1, 2013. Why? Because I was starting AGAIN and if or when I failed it could just be my April Fool’s joke. Sad. But, the happy part is, I stuck with my goals this time. Even though I felt fat, flabby and floppy. I remember crying when I did some of my basement workouts. I was too mortified to even work out in front of my husband at that time. But things did start to click, my taste buds starting craving healthy food. Habits changes and the way I felt about myself changed dramatically.


I think I perform to my best when I have a goal to work towards. At first, it was the Pink concert that was going to be in the fall of 2013 in Fargo. I wanted to look good at the concert. Seems a bit silly, but it is true. I have wanted to see her for a long time and I love her songs and what she stands for. I wanted to look good at that concert. Well, that concert got delayed. But then I had my Mexico vacation to work towards. But after that (beginning of Feb.) I haven’t been very focused and have no goals in mind. My exercise is staying consistent but my food is bad. I do excellent during the week. Even Monday-Saturday. But Sundays have been my unraveling. So bad I won’t even say how bad here as it is embarrassing. Needless to say, come Monday morning I feel puffy and dehydrated. It takes me until Wednesday or even Thursday to feel “normal” again and the cycle repeats itself. So I need to STOP. Obviously, I have troubles with binge eating. It isn’t like I got to my former size by eating too many stalks of broccoli. Here is what I am doing to set myself up for success.


Water – 1 gallon per day on Saturday AND Sunday. I easily drink that much during the week but falter on the weekends.


Food prep – plan for meals at home instead of winging it. I still loosen my diet up on the weekend but I need to reign it in and include more fruit and vegetables.


Instagram – it might seem silly but I get a ton of inspiration and motivation from Instagram and Twitter. I love the people online that I don’t even know and their posts inspire me. So I have been saving a ton of messages like the ones below to keep me focused.


Goal – I don’t really have a big event or thing coming up anytime soon so I am setting a goal for July 4th. The 4th is on a weekend and it is sure to be a bumping good time. I really want all my Saturday and Sundays until the 4th to be focused on healthier eating. I plan to go out and eat or eat fried food or pizza but I am not going to BINGE. After we get to the 4th, hopefully this will not be something I have to think about and it will have become a new normal for me.


Fitness – I want to continue working out. I know things will change once the weather warms up. I typically drop my gym membership and do things at home. I will for sure be biking a lot this summer. I hope to put hundreds of miles on my bike! I wanted to try to take up running but I have been having knee issues. Maybe it’ll help if I try running outside but that remains to be seen. I am going to try and sweet talk my husband into letting me use the garage for a workout area this spring and summer. I want to get a DVD player out there and set it up for my use. The basement is great but the ceiling is low and I can’t get full motion on some moves. And in the garage I can jump rope too. I don’t want to be a cardio queen – I want to maybe do some body weight type exercised, cycling, running and hopefully a boot camp type class. I love to exercise and sweat so hopefully this portion will click easily.


Sleep – I am a fairly good sleeper. It is important for me to get about 8 hours of sleep a night. If I sleep in late I get all messed up so I need to get up and get moving on the weekends.

Sugar – so I think salty foods are my favorite. Hello, potato chips! But I really need to cut out the sugar. You can see from this website I love to bake. This usually falls off as the weather gets warmer but sometimes when I bake, I eat way too much of my goodies. And then when you eat sugar, I find you crave it. So those cookies are going to lead you to eat a crappy candy bar you don’t even care about. Sugar consumption is going down.

So really, this isn’t about the scale or the size of my jeans. I can’t lie, of course I care about those things as well, but this is about my healthiness journey. I want to be FIT and in shape. I don’t want to wheeze just because I ran up some steps. I’d love to be a person who you look at and think – she takes care of herself! I am at a plateau right now and need to move forward. I think I am comfortable where I am at, but nothing comes from comfort. You must challenge yourself to change yourself.


This is definitely a journey. I can’t compare myself to someone else’s journey, goals, current or future levels. Sometimes I get mentally competitive with what others can do and I cannot do. I have to just be the best me! I want to continue to improve even though it is still hard and still a struggle after almost one year. It helps to look back to see how far I have come because some days are such a struggle!


I am doing this for me.



I have 24 hours to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar today. So far, things are going well!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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