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Let’s step away from the food for a bit, ok? Like I mentioned previously, I am hoping to get super healthy for 2014 and more fit. I consider myself a “new” workout person. Now, I played sports back in my school days and have regularly belonged to a gym. But now, I am more focused. I thought I’d share a few things I am doing for 2014 to stay motivated. I hope you enjoy. First off – I usually share more on Twitter and Instagram. You can find me on both by my name: FeistyEats!

I am what I consider a very basic person. I don’t need anything fancy or the newest or best and I am cheap. I said it! I wanted to use some of the Christmas money I graciously received to buy new shoes for my gym visits! I am sure hard-core people would be horrified to know that my previous shoes were old, Nikes and came from Kohl’s. I don’t hate. I think that is fine.

A while back, I went to Scheels Sporting Goods with my Christmas cash hoping to find a nice salesperson to help me. We went on a Saturday on the first day of another cold streak in ND and after the holidays. I was so happy to find the parking lot not full. I was even happier when I realized the girl helping me I knew from work! Nice! I told her what I was looking for (shoes I could use to run, walk, spin, cross-train, basically any gym activity) and she gladly brought out a few different brands of shoes after looking at my foot. I would say I have an average width foot, a larger toe-box, higher-ish instep and average arch. These were true to size (10) and just felt so comfy to me. I was bummed they were only in black, but again, I am simple so it was fine.


Scheels was having a sale on all shoes and with my smart phone I was able to Google the brand to see if it was cheaper elsewhere. These shoes were $94 +tax. The sales woman explained to me that this style (they are ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 19 Running Shoe) is on its way out as Asics upgrades this type every year. This was totally fine with me. I am not hardcore and the shoes fit well. They were mine! It was nice to have the personal service as well.

From Road Runner Sports website

Features & Benefits:

  • Feel light as a feather in these running shoes that have shed weight: the GEL-Kayano® 19 weighs in at a light 8.9 ounces
  • You’ll notice the superior shock absorption, provided by GEL® units in the rear foot and forefoot
  • Cradle your feet from heel to toe with an ultra-light layer of Solyte® for a smooth, comfy ride
  • Your heels will nestle into the snug, secure fit provided by P.H.F.™, dual layers of memory foam that decrease lateral slippage
  • Say goodbye to chafing, with Biomorphic Fit™ uppers that feature seamless, chafe-free overlays that stretch four ways, wrapping your feet in secure, soft comfort and support while still allowing them to breathe
  • Wick away moisture with ComforDry™ sockliners that also fight odor-causing bacteria

I honestly don’t care or know about everything above but yeah – sounds great. It is nice to read reviews from others.


I also love to purchase workout gear from Target or Old Navy on sale. I know there is other, better quality gear but for now, I just don’t want to invest that kind of money. Under Armour, Lululemon, Nike, Reebok, etc. all have great looking things. The styles I choose work fine for me at the price at this point in time. I would suggest upgrading from athletic shoes at Target or Old Navy but if that is what you like/can afford – roll with it!


This picture is compression capris from Old Navy. They nicely suck everything in. I bought something similar for only $10 as they are having a sale. If you like Old Navy watch their sales and get a card/reward points.

2014-01-04 18.52.58

This particular day I bought 3 things – the capris, a dress and a tank. I thought it was funny after looking at the receipt that the tank is actually a Semi Fit Mullet. Awesome. I used my rewards ($20) and bought everything on sale so I only paid $6+ out of my pocket. They really suck you in. I also got $10 for a future visit. OK!


This is a self photo of the mullet tank. I guess the back is business on top and party on the bottom? Those are also the capris but I don’t own a full length mirror so that is the best I can get. They are black and gray and I like them. I usually prefer to workout in shorts but it is nice to have the capris in the arsenal.

Finally – here is a quick workout routine our spin instructor gave us if you want an idea for something new to do. You start out doing #1, then #2 & #1, then #3, #2, #1, etc. It’s great after spin or a jog. Modify as needed.


Anyway – get what works for you. Try things on! I hope you liked this post! Enjoy!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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