Fargo Brewing Company

The past few weeks have been excellent as far as beer drinking goes. I got to check out Crow Peak Brewing in Spearfish, Laughing Sun Brewing Company in Bismarck and now Fargo Brewing Company in Fargo! I am certainly very happy living in Hazen, but I definitely miss Fargo sometimes – especially when it comes to eating out and beer drinking. It seems like new places are popping up all the time in Fargo. Every time I make it back to Fargo it seems like time flies by but my sister and I had it on our agenda to hit this place up. Due to a wedding that day – they were only open from 12-2pm. We were there shortly after 12pm!


I thought this was a fun little food truck parked outside. The menu looked interesting but we had plans for a late lunch. The food that came into the brewery from here did look tasty though. One day!


Located on 610 North University Drive the building seems almost empty from University Drive? But go to the back where the parking lot is and you can enter there. The actual bar area is very simple and fairly small. There are a few picnic tables for seating along with some high top tables for standing. This isn’t actually a bar though you know? It is more of a place to come and taste and check things out. They do offer tours where customers can go to this side of the building where the brewing takes place. We didn’t go on a tour but I would like to next time I return. They also had a small rack of sweatshirts and souvenir type items for sale. I maybe should have purchased a shirt? After first entering the brewery I thought hmmm, this is odd?? But after we sat there a bit, I really liked the atmosphere.


Right inside their door they have their logo and I thought a place for a photo opportunity. I have to say my sister took this shortly after we got there and I am glad she did because in no time the place was packed and I probably wouldn’t have been able to get this picture. I have read since I was there just a few weeks ago, they have extended their hours which I think is great. I love people that love beer.


I also loved their chalkboard menu. They advertised pints and growlers. I was disappointed because I always get a flight so I can try as many beers as possible. After we ordered our first pint though – we saw they did serve flights so we went back for one of those each so we could taste all the flavors. They just don’t have it listed on their menu.

I think the Stone’s Throw is their “big” beer. They even can and sell it. We tasted it at Bismarck’s Beerfest and it is smooth. They had a Snozbeer on tap and if I remember it was a raspberry flavored beer and we loved that one. I really loved the name too. Snozbeer!?! Snozberries?!! Ha ha. I already want to go back there.


Like Laughing Sun Brewing Company they also have a garage door that opens to the outside. This day was definitely too cold to have it open. I took that photo when we first got there and the next photo only a few minutes later. It was filling fast! Like I said, they closed at 2pm and that was fine with us. We wanted to head downtown to try out the new Vinyl Taco.


We made our way over there but we were sad to see they didn’t open until 4pm. Wah. I guess I’ll have to try you next time Vinyl Taco. Vinyl Taco is on 1st Ave right next to JL Beers and across from the HoDo. I have seen some pictures on their Facebook account and it looks like a neat place.


I happened to visit Fargo when the HoDo was having Bras on Broadway to fight breast cancer. It was very cool to see all the bras draped on the front and side of the Hotel Donaldson!


Since we were shutout of Vinyl Taco we instead went to Rooters for popcorn (love their popcorn) and then over to the always reliable JL Beers for one more flight. It was a wonderful afternoon of beer sips with my sister. I miss her and our adventures already!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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