Deadwood, South Dakota

This is the last of my installment of our mini vacation to South Dakota. Friday afternoon, after visiting downtown Rapid City, we headed to Deadwood, where we stayed until Sunday. We love Deadwood and like many people in ND, it is such an easy weekend trip and we’ve been here several times. It’s funny though – we always find something new to do.


Our first stop? A wine tasting room, of course. This was just as you are entering Deadwood from the east and is called Schade. The wines are from Volga, SD, but they have this tasting room in Deadwood. Genius because I don’t imagine I’ll find myself in Volga anytime soon. Actually, neither one of us are wine fans, but we are trying to experience it all on vacation. The gal working was friendly and encouraged us to try whatever was on the menu. We each picked three wines and shared between us.


I love tasting and found them all enjoyable. I can’t say if they are great wines or not because I just don’t have the palate for wine. We picked a super light wine that was fruity and probably most wine fans wouldn’t enjoy. Ha! It was the Oakwood Red Table Wine described as: An aromatic blush wine with a zesty, fruity finish; (Similar to a Zinfandel wine).


All you need is love and wine – lots of it! Cute chalkboard!


Look at this sophisticated wine drinker! From the tasting room we sped through town and up the hill to the Super 8 where we stayed. It is cheap in the off season and up the road from the main areas, but more than sufficient. The rooms are remodeled, although a bit small, the trolley comes there, there is a pool, casino, outdoor patio, a pretty stream that runs by it and a small continental breakfast. I’d stay there again.


This is the bar at the VFW. Yes, we go to Deadwood and visit the VFW. I am sure many of the tourists don’t bother stopping in here. We love this place. The bartenders are always friendly, the beers are super cheap (like $2) and the people are nice. The day we were here they were welcoming 5 veterans from World War 2 from around the nation. It was really cool to see them come in and give them a standing ovation. We visited both nights!


This is outside the VFW. If you want to visit, they close early and they are next to the new Deadwood Mountain Grand. We’d get off the trolley at Silverado’s and walk over.


Above is the newer Deadwood Mountain Grand – a really pretty place. We went in and visited but it didn’t seem like our “vibe”. They have excellent views up from the top though.


Our hotel didn’t have a gym but our front desk lady told me there was a recreation center open for use and told me where it was. I decided to check it out one day and was very impressed. I know this picture doesn’t look like much but let me tell you a bit more. The Deadwood Recreation Center features: a zero entry pool with a lap pool and water slide, indoor walking/running track, racquetball/squash court, cardio machines (above were just a few), weights, sauna and a basketball court. Pretty impressive. But get this. The daily rate for me was $2.75. So cheap!!

This is from their website but it is on Sherman Street – not far from the VFW! Ha! Gorgeous facility.


One good reason to exercise was our visit to this place. This is Oggie’s Sports Bar and Emporium at the new Deadwood Lodge. This is a sports bar (they also have a nicer restaurant called Deadwood Grille adjacent to the sports bar on the property) with a lot of tap beers, some wonderful sounding seasonal drinks (think pumpkin martinis and warm apple ciders) and a huge menu of any bar food you could imagine. We decided to do it up right and ordered wings, nachos and hand dipped onion rings. Our eyes about bulged out of our heads when this arrived.


Just a small order of little onion rings here! I think my favorite was actually the nachos loaded with cheese, beans, chicken chili, tomatoes and jalapenos. Usually nachos just have the top chips covered with the good stuff and tons of chips underneath. These had another layer of cheese and goodies under this top layer so all the chips had yumminess on them. Excellent idea! I also loved the salsa they had. And the Boulevard Wheat beer! The wings were just OK the Mr. said. In regards to the hotel, it was very nice and clean and had a very friendly kid pool. So probably not a place for us!


So – this is one thing I didn’t eat/drink on our vacation but check this out. A Bloody Mary with a little hamburger? I can’t believe I didn’t try it. This was at the Gold Dust Casino. A few of our other “regular” favorite spots we visited were the usual’s: Saloon 10 (worth it for their popcorn), Silverado, Hickoks (lots of tap beer drank there), 4 Aces, First Gold, etc., etc. One new to us place was the Deadwood Tobacco & Cigar Bar. This place is primarily a full service tabacconist but they also have beer and blues bands! This is underground and is originally a jail. They have tobacco, cigars and gifts. We really enjoyed the band playing that night – it was fun!


One other new to us place was Chubby Chipmunk Hand Dipped Chocolates. Our trolley driver pointed this place out to us and we visited the next day. The shop is tiny and was jam packed. Once we made it to the front of the line these were our choices left to right the best I can remember: Chipmunk (chocolate center with nuts and coconut), Peanut Butter, Kahlua and cream with a coffee bean and mint – my favorite. They were a bit spendy, but worth it. Delicious! There were many more I would be interested in trying – cheesecake and key lime, or the hot mama, or…OKAY you get it.


We stayed up entirely way too late our last night and thank goodness my husband drove most of the way home. Blah, what a hangover! But what a wonderful trip with the guy I love. It was really nice to get away just the two of us and spend some time with him.


As always, thanks to my parents for watching our “kids” my dog and cat. I know my Mom loves them and they are in good care with her. I think he was glad we were home. I can’t wait for our next vacation!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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  1. Amanda P. says:

    I love all these little segments you wrote about on your vacation… if I ever get out there I know where to start….drinking beer, and eating, and drinking more beer! (That’s what vacation is allllllll about!)Dang too bad I am stuck at work! A beer sounds really good right now, so does a vacation…… 🙂

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