Spearfish, South Dakota

Mr. FeistyEats and I decided to take a long weekend and pack up to go down south…to South Dakota. Luckily, we went at the end of September, the weekend before some parts of the Black Hills were hit with a pretty severe early winter blizzard. Yikes!


Above is Crow Buttes, SD, by Reddig. One of the few things to check out until you get to the black hills. That and antelope. Lots of antelope.

We haven’t really gone anywhere all summer, so this late trip to Spearfish, Rapid City and Deadwood for 3 days was a nice getaway. We were lucky to go “out of season” when the hotel rates are more reasonable and there aren’t many tourists and the weather is still favorable. Our plan was to swing into Spearfish (population of about 11,000) for supper and then head to Rapid City to spend the night. From Hazen, it is about a 5 hour drive to Rapid City, which isn’t too bad. We took off at noon on Thursday for our adventure. It was a lovely time of year to see the changing landscape and fall leaves in the hills.


Both the husband and I are big TripAdvisor searchers and love reading reports on restaurants and things to do. He found a pizza place he wanted to try and of course, I found a brewery! What a match we are, right? This little Farmers Market was adjacent to Crow Peak Brewing and we checked it out. It was a cute little market with fresh eggs, organic meat, veggies and various gluten free pastas, local honey and canned goods. The cheese there looked very good.


We made it!! Crow Peak Brewing Company is right when you drive into Spearfish. How cute is this building? I wish it was a little warmer so we could have sat on that gorgeous patio. I fell in love with Spearfish. I seriously want to move there. The town was very well kept up and it was just a very pretty place. Maybe when we vacation again we will spend the night there and check out some more restaurants and things to do.


Our bartender, Laura, was super friendly and invited us to sample any beer if we wanted to. She also had some suggestions on places to eat. She told us Spearfish is a bit of a hippie haven. Those weren’t her exact words I guess, but you get what I mean. Anyway, I had to get a flight so I could try a few beers. They had several on tap and I stuck to my faves – lighter ales, wheat beers, etc. I am not an IPA fan. I LOVED all these beers. I need these in my life. I really liked the atmosphere at this place. Laid back and friendly.


Look how happy I am! Mr. FeistyEats isn’t a big fan of different beers so he got their Canyon Cream Ale which was a light ale with a slightly sweet flavor from local honey. I also had that in my flight and it was lovely. They had cans for sale and I am kicking myself for not taking some back to ND with me. I did notice throughout town some signs at places where it was also sold which is nice they have support in their community. They have a very decent happy hour and the prices were quite affordable.


Sorry for the blurry pic. I didn’t want these gentlemen to think I was snapping their photo. But that is the brewing room and I do believe they offer tours if you call in advance. They were setting up to welcome people competing in a frolf tourney. Spearfish seems like the type of town where there is always a lot of outdoor activities. Oh, and they also had Shake of the Day which we always like to play. We didn’t win, but Laura said that was probably OK – the locals might have not been happy had we won the money!! I’d go back in a heartbeat. They don’t have food, but they do have frozen pizzas. They also have popcorn but the machine we broken when we were there. BUMMER!


So, our next destination was FOOD. Pizza, to be exact at Dough Trader Pizza Company. I kept accidentally calling it Trader Dough’s, lol. Some online reviews said don’t be turned off by the exterior appearance, the pizza is good. But I thought the outside was super cute. They had an awesome outdoor seating area with fireplaces as well.


The interior was super warm and cozy. Their was a fireplace roaring and it reminded me a bit of the Cork and Cleaver in Fargo for the interior. Just cozy and homey in a good way.


They had fun names for their pizza and I really loved the Dances with Goats pizza name. HA HA! They claim to make their sourdough bread from a sourdough starter used since the 1880’s, not a typo. We ordered the Scarborough Fair ($17) and our server was very nice and prompt. The Scarborough Fair featured red sauce, pepperoni, fennel-infused sausage, cheese blend, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms (we left those off), parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.


We agreed this was probably the best pizza we have ever had together. The toppings were super fresh (sausage was so good), the crust was nice and crispy and you could taste the sourdough. It was just wonderful. Of course I doused mine with red pepper flakes and then it was even better!


Get in my belly! After dinner, we continued down the road to Rapid City (about 45 minute drive) to spend the night. We had reserved a room at America’s Best Value Inn which is kind of a horrible name, but very reasonably priced and had adequate amenities. We also had a VERY nice man check us in and visit with us. I forget his name, but he was great. He visited with us for quite a while. We also made some friend from Illinois who were in the lobby playing pinochle. We are 70 years olds at heart!! I guess this is already pretty long so I’ll be back with a recap of Rapid City another day.

I do want to mention that our hotel friend did tell us we were lucky to get a room because many hotels were filled up due to the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup which is apparently quite an attraction – about 14,000 people attend?!? We steered clear of that. I see buffalo everyday out by Hazen so I wasn’t too interested!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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