Bismarck’s Downtowners Street Fair

I have been looking forward for quite some time to attend the Downtowners Street Fair in Bismarck held Sept. 13-14. I have gone many, many times to the Fargo Street Fair and couldn’t wait to compare the two. Then this happened.


Yep. Rain. All day. We got there early (about 9:15am) and it was a steady rain. We were hoping it would fade away, but no such luck. Luckily, we had a rain jacket (my Mom) and umbrella (me) so we stayed dry. I feel like we really didn’t get to experience the true street fair. Some vendors were closed and many of the food stands were closed or not yet open. Due to the rain, we made a quick loop and exited for a dry area, aka the mall. I was really hoping to try some Fireflour Pizza, but it wasn’t even opening time when we ditched. Oh well, just another reason to try another day. The restaurant looks charming.


I did spy this new (to me) ATM trailer. Notice it does have a boot so you aren’t getting away with that guy! Great idea I think! Here is some more info about the street fair on a dry year:

From their website: Each Fall, the Downtowners produce an Arts, Craft, and Food show called Street Fair. This event was created by the Downtowners in 1973 as “Customer Appreciation Days” then grew into a full blown Street Fair. Street Fair is now in its 40th year. Arts, Craft, and Food vendors line the streets of Downtown Bismarck during Sept 13-14, 2013.

Hours: Friday Sept 13: 10am-8pm, Saturday Sept 14: 9am-6pm

Street Fair Fast Facts:

SF is currently in its 40th consecutive year in 2013.. The Street Fair preceded Folkfest starting in 1973. It was long known as the food and vendor portion of the later event Folkfest which encompasses parades and weeks worth of festivities. The 2 Day Street Fair averages between 30,000-35,000 patrons. There are approximately 180 food, arts, and craft vendors at Street Fair. Street Fair is spread over 7 city blocks in Downtown Bismarck.


I did see the Frackin’ Hungry food truck parked with the other food booths. I have a love affair with food trucks but I don’t think I have ever actually eaten food from one. This was again at 10am and I had just eaten breakfast. I see that Fargo is hosting a Food Truck Festival this Friday and I would love to be there. Good luck to Frackin’ Hungry as they will be there. One other store we popped into was One World Boutique and oh wow. So cute! I LOVED their retro dresses and inexpensive jewelry. They kind of remind me of O’Day Cache in Fargo if you have ever been there. My Mom did snag a small serving of knoephla and kraut and said it was tasty!


The day wasn’t totally lost. I got to spend a nice day with my Mom, I got some finds at the mall for some good prices for upcoming events and we had a late lunch at the Pita Pit. Yes, not local and not downtown, but I will return downtown Bismarck. Let’s hope the weather cooperates! Tomorrow, I will return to Bismarck for the 2013 Beerfest with my sister and good friend. Hopefully I will be back next week to report how that event goes. It is indoors!!


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