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Hi! I thought I’d come in today with a slightly different post. I know today is Labor Day and we are supposed to be taking it easy. I am all for that! But, real life will set in tomorrow. Do what you want today, but take an hour or so to prep your food for the week and you will not be sorry! I work 15 miles from the town I live in and we receive a half hour for lunch. This means I pack my lunch I mean otherwise you don’t eat. I often get trapped into the same things…a sandwich, leftovers or some frozen meal. I have been making an effort to eat healthier lately though and take more balanced meals to work. Prepping for the week SUCKS. But, it is so worth it during the week when you are running around like crazy. I went to Sam’s Club and stocked up! This is pretty rare for us as we don’t get to the city too often, so take advantage when you go!


A couple of purchases were a 5lb. bag of sweet potatoes and a 6lb. package of chicken tenderloins. I like the tenderloins because they are normal in size (where are those chickens that have those huge breasts? I swear we got a breast one time that would feed 4 people, no lie), cook up quicker and make for easy packaging.


I took out 8 tenderloins to grill. I was making 8 lunches, so this was perfect. A serving size of chicken is 4 oz. or about the size of your palm so a tenderloin is much more ideal than those huge breasts.


This is our favorite way to season them…Lawry’s Chicken & Poultry Rub (also purchased at Sam’s) is so amazing on chicken. BUY IT! We also marinade them for a bit in some Zesty Italian dressing. It adds the perfect zing and keeps them moist. Since I was grilling, I also put on 5 sweet potatoes. For those, I simply spritzed them with olive oil in my Misto sprayer and put a little Lawry’s salt and some black pepper on them. Since the taters do take a long time to bake – grilling them while you are making other food is a good option. They are so easy to grab and reheat.


As for the other tenderloins, I packaged them up in various sized packets. I poured a little dressing on them and put seasoning on them so when I take them out to thaw that job is already done. Just be sure to mark your package with the date and size of the insides. I wrapped these in Saran wrap and then put into a zip top back to prevent freezer burn.


Another thing I must buy whenever I see them are these Taylor Farms salads. I love, love, love these. They are always super fresh and everything you need is in the bag – the greens, fun toppings and the dressing. They come in different flavors and I love all I have tried.


Here are my tenders all grilled up and ready to be put to use. I just love grilled chicken!


As I said earlier, I was making 8 lunches. I add one tenderloin to each salad. For me, a bag of Taylor Farms salad will make 2 lunches. The serving sizes are for 3.5 per bag, but not for me. I love that they have all the nutritional values with everything you are eating, except I add a little chicken for protein and to amp it up a bit. This Asian salad is probably my favorite. The base is cabbage, carrots, green onions and cilantro. There is a packet of toppings in there of sliced almonds and wonton noodles. The dressing is also in that packet and this one is a sesame ginger dressing. I am glad it comes packaged because if I had a bottle I’d eat way more. So tasty! I’d eat these salads everyday I think!


Anyway, now you know my love of Taylor Farms, just slice your chicken and one to each salad. The onions are for another things I’ll show you in a second.


I just divided everything out into equal portions and you can grab a salad per day to go. I made 8 in total – 4 for me and 4 for the man. We had 4 Asian salad and 4 Garden Vegetable salad. The Garden Vegetable is a base of broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage slaw, chunks of broccoli and the toppings are dried cranberries and sunflower seeds! The dressing is a creamy slaw dressing. Obviously, you can make these yourself, but again I like the packaging and sizes they give you. Otherwise I’d go over the top with the dried cranberries I imagine.


Since I was cooking (the sweet potatoes were still finishing on the grill), I decided to brown up some meat for future dinners. I had thawed 4lb. of ground burger. I cooked 2lbs at a time in my electric skillet (it was a warm day). For the first two pounds I sautéed some onions and peppers and then removed them and made the meat. I seasoned the meat with some taco seasoning, chili powder and cumin to be used in the future for casseroles or tacos, etc. The rest of the 2lbs. (above) I sautéed with just onion and salt and pepper. This can be used for spaghetti, sloppy joes, etc. This is such a huge time saver!!


All you have to do is drain the meat and blot it if you’d like, let it cool completely and freeze it until you need to use it for dinner. For the taco meat, I made our favorite taco casserole. And guess what? I have leftovers for my lunch tomorrow!! Enjoy!


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