Frozen yogurt vs. ice cream

I have seen things like this done in magazines. For example, whole carrots vs. baby carrots and which one is more economical, saves you time, is it worth it, etc. Well, I am making up my own “competition”. Lately I have been trying to be a little more cognizant of what I put in my face hole in an effort to get into shape. We had bought some ice cream to serve with our rhubarb bars we had for dessert one day AND I also had seen this frozen yogurt on sale at Krause’s that I wanted to give a try.


You will see above we have some simple Homemade Vanilla Classic Ice Cream and some Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Dark Fudge Swirl. A serving size of ice cream is 1/2 cup and the Greek Yogurt is one snack package which is I would say less than 1/2 cup. For me and just taste – the ice cream is an easy winner. I do like the tang of frozen yogurt on occasion but for me the creamy ice cream will always win. So, I took a closer look at the stats to go some more info – mainly cost, serving size, fat, calories and ingredients.


Above are the stats for the ice cream. Please note you have 14 servings here and the cost of this was about $4.29.


Above are the stats for the fro-yo. There were 3 small servings in this package for $2.99 on sale.


Above is the ice cream ingredients and you can see it is also made in ND (bonus).


Above is the (lengthier) ingredient list for the frozen yogurt and it is packaged in Omaha, NE.

COST: Hat tip to the ice cream. It is more initially, but has substantially more servings. That is, if you can control yourself to only have one 1/2 cup! $4.29 for 14 servings on the ice cream verse $2.99 for 3 servings on the frozen yogurt. WINNER: Ice cream.

SERVING SIZE: Hat tip to the ice cream. You get a 1/2 cup serving for the ice cream. The frozen yogurt does get a small advantage in that it is served in 3 individual cups making portion control a bit easier. I didn’t measure a cup package but I am guessing it is less than 1/2 cup. WINNER: Ice cream.

FAT: Hat tip to the frozen yogurt. A serving of frozen yogurt only has 2 grams of fat verse 7 for ice cream. It also wins in the saturated fat category. WINNER: Frozen yogurt.

CALORIES: Hat tip…tie? The ice cream has more calories per serving, but I think the serving size might be slightly larger as well. The frozen yogurt does have a couple swirls of dark chocolate, but not really enough to make a difference for me anyway. WINNER: tie.

INGREDIENTS: Hat tip to the ice cream. The ice cream and (surprisingly?) few ingredients and I can mostly pronounce most of them. Both contain carrageenan which skeeves some people out. While I am trying to eat more whole foods, I do still consume processed foods and sugar so I am ok with both lists. WINNER: Ice cream.

Overall, for me anyway, the clear winner is ice cream. Plain vanilla ice cream on its own is really good. Naturally, it is even better topped with chocolate, caramel, cookie pieces, etc. I guess the secret is to eat it only on occasion with the serving size they suggest. Now I am not going to throw either one of these away – but I think if you want some ice cream, just go for it. If you love frozen yogurt, I did enjoy these cups as well. Enjoy!


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