Fort Lincoln State Park

A few weekends ago we decided to take a trip to Fort Lincoln on the suggestion of my friend who noted they have fun bikes paths (thanks Melissa!) I love to bike and my husband is getting into it as well. We are just recreational, fun riders, not crazy psycho riders. I am pretty sure I have been there before but couldn’t recall when. We decided to make a day trip of it and check out Bismarck-Mandan a bit as well.


Our first stop was the new BisMarket held in Sertoma Park in Bismarck. We thought it was really banging! Well, it turns out this was the location of a Color Run 5k going on that day. They had a live band and it looked like the participants were having a blast. I loved walking around the park and seeing all of the people. It really made me miss living in a city and having the various offerings at your fingertips.


The market itself was MUCH smaller. I was expecting this seeing as this is a new market and Mother Nature hasn’t really given anyone time to get much growing. There was one booth that homemade breads and donuts and another selling some home décor stuff. As far as produce, there was mostly only rhubarb, lettuce, radishes, herbs and onions…that is about all that you can get to grow here so far. I think there was maybe a half dozen stands? I was hoping maybe someone had a greenhouse and had some other offerings. No such luck that day. We did purchase some very lovely green onions for only $1 and I was very happy with them.


The (Italian) Mondo Forcella food truck was making an appearance and I was sad I already had eaten. I really would love to try a food truck! Maybe next time. They had pizza, salad and pasta from what I recall.


We also stopped by Royce’s Twin City Produce on the strip in Mandan and purchased watermelon and garlic – both excellent. I loved this open air market. They definitely had more fruits than veggies (veggie lover here) and I thought it was fun to see they had a corner dedicated to fresh juices and another to some local food products such as honey. I was also happy to taste the oranges, pineapple and watermelon samples that were on the counters for your sampling.


After a bit of shopping, we finally made our way about 8 miles south of Mandan to Fort Lincoln. We picked a gorgeous day to bike – the temps were perfect. Of course, in true ND style, it was windy but what can you do? We checked in at the gates (we were surprised it was only $5 for our vehicle to enter – very affordable) and went straight to the visitor center. We were greeted right as we walked in and we made our way around the exhibits and artifacts. We then went out to see the earth lodges and look in them (there were 5 of various sizes). We found a small trail with steps we hiked down which led to the campground. We went back up and unloaded our bikes.


I thought our bike ride was quickly going to be over. At the start of the ride we encountered a hill that we could obviously see coming. Well with the strong head wind and sudden climb, we had to walk up the hill. Not good. But, we kept trucking along and found the path to be great – a few small hills but mostly flat. We saw several other bikers out as well and there was very little traffic, if at all. We made another loop and this time we were prepared to down shift for the hill. I thought it was a great workout, especially with the wind. We rode through our campground and it seemed very nice – I would definitely camp there.


Along the path were several areas to stop for a snack or read up on the history of the area. As a North Dakotan I felt I knew a lot of the history but there are always fun things to learn. The views of the Missouri were so gorgeous. I really wanted to be on one of the many pontoons we saw up on the sandbars having a good time. It was pretty neat to imagine what it would have been like being a Native American living on On-A-Slant Indian Village so long ago. They sure picked a beautiful location.


You can’t really tell in this photo, but you could easily see our tall capital building sticking out in the city of Bismarck. Again, the views of the farmland and river were so pretty. I could have rode that path a few more times, if I wasn’t getting so hungry that is!


This is the entrance to the visitor center. The grounds were very well kept and the staff very helpful and informative.


I don’t know if we will ever pack our bikes and drive 70 miles to ride bike about 10 miles, but I am glad we had this experience.


As I mentioned, we were hungry. We had a gift card to BWW burning a hole in our pockets so we went to fuel up and this Summer Shandy was a perfect end to a nice, summer day. (I do have to throw in that their patio sucks {sorry}. I like BWW’s patio in South Fargo and this one had like 4 tables and no sun. BOO!) I highly recommend you check out the bike paths at Fort Lincoln, especially if you live in the area!


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