Cass-Clay Hometown Throwdown opportunity

Hello friends. I have been attempting to take more photos than of just food. I used to always take photos of me and my friends but now, it seems like it is just food or selfies. In an effort to be more personable on this blog, I thought I’d share a few fun things I have been up to lately with you.


You are probably well aware I am obsessed with my animals. This is our little cat Brinklie laying on me. She loves to stretch her arms out like she is some sort of super hero? Cute!


Not to be forgotten, this is my main man Winston. We went on a super long walk this day. He likes to lead at the beginning. He loves to go on walks or with me when I ride bike. He gets so happy and wags his tail like crazy.


I spent the night at my parents and Mom, my brother and I went for a drive. We saw this doe in the trees and you can hardly tell in this photo (this is on my phone zoomed, so the quality is bad) but she had a little fawn with her. I have never seen such a small deer. It was so adorable.


A few weeks ago we went to Beulah to the GrandView Steakhouse and dined at Big’s Lounge with some icy cold tap beer and fresh, hot popcorn. I used to work here when we first moved to Hazen. I miss it! They are under new management so I hope people go up there and give the restaurant another try. We had fun and they have an excellent happy hour. We only had some simple appetizers but they were tasty.


This is my bike – I love riding. On this day I rode down to City Hall in Hazen to vote for a half cent tax to save the city pool in Hazen. I am happy that it passed, I think it is great for a small town to have a pool. Once it warms up, I hope to be there frequently going down the slide and hopefully doing water pilates if they have it again this year.


The Mr. and I celebrated our FOURTH wedding anniversary on June 13. It has finally warmed up so I can wear shorts and tank tops. I am pretty happy about that! (I took this photo at work, I do not have a full length mirror at my house!)


For our anniversary outing, we went to Zap to visit the new Sand Bar. Being in a rural area, anytime something new comes our way, we have to check it out. The bar is in the old Zap Schoolhouse in the library. It was nice and clean in there. There were quite a few people saddled up to the bar and they have $2.50 happy hour COLD beers. The popcorn was also excellent. We are huge popcorn lovers in this family. Oh and the bathrooms were super clean. I definitely will be back. They had some frozen pizzas for sale if you were hungry as well.


Then, we went to Fanatics Sports Bar in Beulah for our meal. This is the most excellent deal in all of Hazen-Beulah and Mercer County. This is a better deal than I ever found even in Fargo! You get all 16 tap beers on a platter for only $15. I LOVED this and will repeat it I imagine! The food was OK. I was bummed to receive what looked like a pre-pattied frozen hamburger. With all the ranches around here I wish they had some local, fresh beef.


I have been trying to work out more consistently. I really want to be fit and hey, dropping some EL-BEES would be OK too. I workout at home or by biking. Almost every time I set up my mat, the little cat has to come check it out and/or get in my way. She likes to hide under my yoga mat. This could be dangerous for her!


Finally, one last thing. I am excited (and nervous) to say that I will be competing in the Cass-Clay Hometown Throwdown on Saturday, June 22 in Fargo at Square One Kitchens. The photo above was a test run at my parents house of my recipe: Feisty Sour Cream Enchilada Bites. I am practicing them one more time this coming week. We have a one hour time limit and I should be OK. BUT, if you click on the Square One Kitchens link those kitchens are amazing. I am used to a tiny kitchen, a dog and cat in the way and some sort of chaos usually going on. I was so nervous I almost turned it down and didn’t tell anyone. But I am so excited and lucky to have this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what it is all about. I hope I don’t do something stupid…I am a totally klutz! I plan to take photos and blog about it once it is over. Please send me some good vibes if you have time!

I am going to Fort Lincoln today to bike the trails…I will come back with some more info on Fort Lincoln and pictures from the trails. Enjoy your lovely weekend!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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4 Responses to Cass-Clay Hometown Throwdown opportunity

  1. Love biking Ft. Lincoln, good for you for getting out there. And I’m totally checking out that beer platter next time I’m in Beulah!

  2. mom says:

    good luck with the throw down win or not you are a winniner for even trying. So proud of you.

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