How To…Make the Perfect Scrambled Egg

What is your favorite way to eat an egg? In a cookie or cake? Me too! OK. Eggs = yummy, at least for me. I really love eggs and could probably eat at least one every day. But, I really hate runny eggs, especially a runny egg yolk. Barf. I cringe when I see over-easy or sunny side up eggs and people lapping up the yolk with toast. And an egg on top of a burger? That is blasphemous to me! I know – egg yolks are rich, decadent, flavorful, etc. I just can’t do it. It is a texture thing for me. But I do love deviled eggs, eggs in cookies (!) and especially scrambled eggs.


Here is the thing though. I was in a rush for work one morning (what is new?) and I was hungry, so I quickly made a scrambled egg to take with me. That egg sucked – no better terminology, it just sucked. It was so gross, I never wanted to eat another egg again. How is that even possible that I could screw up an egg that bad? I love to cook – how could I screw this simple thing up? So, like any reasonable person would do, I took to the Internet and more specifically, YouTube to solve my problems. OK, that was kind of a mistake – there are hundreds of people with ideas on their perfect scrambled egg, how to, recipe, do this, don’t do that. In fact, when I told my own MOTHER (hi Mom! Love you!) about my perfect scrambled egg, she almost laughed at me as my way is not her preference.


Preheat your pan and don’t forget to toast your bagel or bread, it takes only a minute or two to make the “perfect” egg.

Here is what I think makes a “perfect” scrambled egg

  • Soft (but NOT RUNNY)
  • Not burnt or with brown spots
  • Buttery and creamy in texture
  • Solid (as in not chunky and will easily go onto a piece of toast or bagel)

Here is what I think (no matter how you like your scrambled egg) you SHOULD NOT do to your scrambled egg

  • Don’t skip the butter – this isn’t the time to cut calories. The butter makes the egg more rich. You can cut back the amount of butter, but don’t skip or use cooking spray.
  • Don’t have your stove too hot or not hot. Medium heat is preferred.
  • Do not overcook – no brown spots!


I am posting a RECIPE for a scrambled egg? Yes, I am. Truly lame, I know. Here are the steps used to make the “perfect” scrambled egg, in my little opinion. This is scalable depending on how many eggs you like. I usually like to make myself 1 and Mr. FeistyEats two – that way he doesn’t get too skinny. I always have to feed him a little bit more so I don’t weigh more than him.

Ingredients for 1 egg

  • ½ Tbsp. butter or margarine
  • 1 egg
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 Tbsp. cream, milk or half-and-half
  • Optional: top with cheese, chives, green onions, bacon, ham, OK you get the picture.
  • Toasted bagel or toast (to make it even more delicious – toast it and then fry in the pan, see below)

1. Preheat your NON-STICK pan over medium heat and allow it to raise to that temperature.

2. Add in some butter (real butter preferred) just enough to fully melt and coat the bottom of your pan. (About ½ Tbsp. for 1 egg.)

3. While butter is melting, crack 1 egg in a bowl and whisk it with a fork so it is a bit frothy and fully incorporated.

4. Dump egg into hot, buttery pan. Immediately salt and pepper to your preference.

5. Allow the egg to cook slightly and pull the outside of the egg into the middle of the pan so the rest of the egg runs to the open space.

6. Add in a scant 1 Tbsp. cream, milk, half-and-half, etc. straight into the egg while it is in the pan. This makes the egg creamy!

7. The egg should be coming together on one side so flip it over to cook on the next side. It will only take seconds. Top with cheese at this point if you are into that.

8. Remove from heat and let it rest or slide it onto an one piece of toast or bagel.

9. Eat and enjoy a super tasty egg.


OK – see the photos – bring the egg in, add milk and it comes together quickly. A little rubber spatula works great here.


Flip and top with cheese if you are into cheese. I used Blue Bonnet, not real butter, but it works.


Ok, here is how to make excellent toasted bread or bagel. First, toast it in the toaster. Remove and set aside. BUTTER your nonstick pan generously and place bread item face down to soak up the butter and get warm. So. Dang. Good!




Get in my belly now!


I hope you know I made this around Thanksgiving. I just got around to posting it now. Cute table though, right? OK, I have to go eat an egg now. Bye!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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