Craft time

Hi! Everyone who knows me knows how crafty I am. I mean how not crafty I am. I suck at colors, sewing, painting, decorating, you name it. But, Rachael Ray motivated me to try to decorate some small pumpkins and gourds with an issue of her magazine. Have you ever heard of the website Pinstrosity? <— that is funny and totally me. The site basically features Pinterest ideas that normal folks took upon themselves to try and failed miserably – usually by not following directions. Funny stuff, I tell you. Pinterest just basically makes me feel like a failure seeing all the perfect little projects.


I mean, I get people can be crafty or good in the kitchen, but both? Spare me. I don’t even own a glue gun! Or, where do you have the time, money, resources. Not it.


The little spider gourd (#18) really caught my eye. How cute! I also wanted to try a bejeweled pumpkin – typical, I know!


I started out with a trip to Hobby Lobby – the holy grail of crafting, am I right? That place is very overwhelming for me. Thankfully, my Mom was with and helped me out. This is what I procured:

  • Small can of black spray paint
  • Small can of GOLD spray paint
  • Bejeweled letters (found in the scrapbooking section)
  • Black pipecleaners
  • Small googly eyes

I also bought pumpkins and small gourds and used a glue gun and wire cutter that was borrowed. I started out by having the pumpkins spray painted gold in the garage and the gourds black. I brought them inside when they were dry. I did bump a few together and some paint fell off. Wicked bummer I could have fixed but it was no big deal.


So, this was easy. I just stuck that F on for FeistyEats and that pumpkin was done. Ahhh, I am so crafty! Martha Stewart is probably looking me up right now.


I displayed in on the kitchen table with some other Halloween goodies.


I think my little spider girls turned out so cute! Pinterest probably just exploded seeing these lil’ gals. Ha! Anyway, I just took the pipe cleaner and measured them all about the same and cut accordingly. I hot glued the legs and eyes to the spider. You can see some glue strings, but just pull them off when dried. I did have a few casualties with the spider legs falling off (horror!) so I don’t know if a different, more strong type of glue would work. If you aren’t transporting them, it shouldn’t be a problem. Or just get that damn glue gun out and stick those suckers back on! I think next time some cute pink or red lips would look awesome.


I took this for a friend that was having a party we were attending. The C and S are their initials. How clever am I?? I also took them a lil’ spidey. OK, so this probably doesn’t qualify as crafty but I was pretty dang proud of myself for trying something!

P.S. There is a group of ladies that get together in Beulah once a month and do Pinterest for a Purpose. I am going to do this next week. I suspect that I will fail miserably, but I will give it a try. The class is $20 and covers the materials you need and the rest goes to a charitable organization. Great idea! I would love to do this sometime with a cooking class. But seeing as my kitchen gets crowded when I am cooking and my dog comes and lies down, it probably won’t happen anytime soon! Hopefully I will report back with a photo of my Pinterest or Pinstrosity!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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