Photos from my iPhone

Ha, just kidding. Like I have an iPhone. But, since I am sitting at home on a Saturday (and loving it), I thought I would post some photos of the random, weird things I take photos of on my phone.


My FeistyCat, Brinklie, all stretched out taking a nap. How funny? Gotta love her paw print blanket.


8 bags of baking chips and 4 pounds of butter. Hey, I have to stock up and take advantage of sales. I got all of this at Krause’s for under $30! Let the baking begin.


Yeah, I take photos of weird things. Lately this has been my “GO TO” super quick breakfast. A hard-boiled egg sliced and slathered in Louisiana hot sauce. Yum! Give it a try.


I gave blood the other day at work. I actually have never done this until I moved to little ol’ Hazen! My company makes it very convenient as they come and set up at my worksite and we just show up during the work day. Makes you feel kind of good.


We had a fish fry at our campground. Some of the guys (and Winston) battered the walleye in potato chips and seasonings and fried them up. A total feast.


One day I grilled up 2 packages of bacon. I got this idea from my Mom. Genius, really. Grill or fry it up and use throughout the week for various dinners – wraps, BLT’s, salads or warm up for breakfast. The Holland grill is excellent for making bacon, no flames and you don’t have to deal with grease splattering or the smell lingering in your house For.Ev.Er.


It hailed one day! Yikes.


A joke posted on a fridge at work. Very funny.


One of my favorite beers.


Winston trying to round up some fish for my husband. That dog loves to fish.


We stopped at the Blarney Stone in Bismarck for a quick drink before a dinner cruise on the Missouri River. One thing I really miss about Fargo is their large tap beer selection at various places. This was great to enjoy a flight of fun beers! The food going by us looked wonderful, I hope to return for dinner.


Winston in my bathroom. This dog never leaves my side, even when I shower!


My cat sleeping in her bed with all her toys. Yes, she has a wooden snake that she loves. Odd one, I know.


This might have been dinner one night? Just kidding. Maybe.


My Godson turned 3! Time flies. I loved this cake, but I hope to bake him one next year. I hope. I should probably start practicing.


Horney Goat Brewing Co. “Baby Got Bock” beer. I had to buy it for the name.


We went to Wings and Rings in Minot one day with my parents and got this 100 oz. tower of beer. Not bad!


OK, that is all. I sent this pic to my sister telling her I was waving at her. NERDS! Have a good weekend.


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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