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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars with a Salty Pretzel Crust

Hello, good day to you. If you are having an icky Monday, this recipe might make your day get exponentially better. It has a lot of butter and chocolate chips involved, so you really cannot go wrong. The salty, buttery … Continue reading

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Long Boy Burgers

This is winter’s version of a burger. I am pretty sure. This was so tasty – kind of a mix of a burger and meatloaf. This would also be on my menu of my pretend diner that I want to … Continue reading

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Pet Pictures

Just a quick post and a few pet photos today. I have had a busy couple of weeks and I am lacking in recipes. However, I have 3 good ones planned for next week so stay tuned! A few people … Continue reading

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Bark, bark, bark

This is some easy to make for anyone who does not like to, or thinks they cannot bake. No oven required. Not even the stove. You just need a microwave and a few ingredients. From left: Oreo cookie bark, pretzel … Continue reading

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