I’m still on vacation! But I wrote a few things to post while I am gone. It is no secret on this blog that my dog and cat are two of the true loves of my life. I am a pretty busy person. I work about 60 hours a week, dedicate time to baking/cooking, blogging, cleaning my house and having a social life. Things can get pretty hectic. But these furry faces always make me smile and make me happy they crack me up. I wanted to take about my pets a little bit so you can see just how truly crazy I am.


Stretching out in the sun light.

I really wanted a cat for a long time. Mr. FeistyEats however, was a cat hater and thought they were only good for target practice. The horror!


Imagine my surprise, when the day after Thanksgiving, 2010, he brought home a TINY baby kitten and told me it was mine. I was in disbelief! She was so tiny and so dang cute. My parents were visiting for the holiday and my Mom and I went over names until we came up with Brinklie. I think it fits her perfectly. Brinks, Brinky, Sprinks, Sprinkles and Sprinky are some of the names I call her in addition to Brinklie. Her full name is Brinklie Bumbo Feist. Now that I saw Puss in Boots, I think I shall call her Brinklie Soft Paw.


She has such a personality and even Mr. FeistyEats likes her. At first, things were NOT easy. She was a very sick kitten and we found she had worms, ear mites a bad cold and eye infection. She was a very spendy cat and we got to the know the vet very well. In addition to those issues, we also had to get her fixed and front claws removed. I hated that damn cat! But quickly, she grew on me and has her own little ways of showing us affection. She likes to crawl on my chest early in the morning while I am still sleeping, curl up and purr away. She is the quietest purring cat ever though – you can barely hear her.


She loves her dog brother – although I’m not sure he would say the same. He does tolerate her though and they often times play together. She always waits for him at the door when he is outside and will sometimes meow when he comes to the door. I think she looks up to him.

A few other funny things she does: she “talks” a lot, loves to play and chase things including shadows and lights, she meows really loud when she gets to go on a car ride, she almost sounds like a dog! She likes to go to the vet, she doesn’t seem to like other animals other than Winston, she is very gentle even when she bites, she is small, she doesn’t like human food or treats, she has learned how to jump on our kitchen island (not a fan of that one), she likes to spin out on the hardwood floors and sleeps with her tongue sticking out often. She loves sitting on her kitty condo or in the bay window watching what is going on outside. If she gets the chance, she loves to go outside and sniff around. We have a harness on her and she likes to be on her leash in the yard or garage. Her collar constantly falls off because I can’t find one small enough for her little neck. I think she is a little on the dumb side, but she is cute and friendly.


And I’m sorry if she is actually smart and can read this but this yellow dog is the #1 love of my pet life. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when Mr. FeistyEats announced one year after we met that he was getting a hunting dog. I liked small dogs. But whatever, I thought – it would be HIS dog anyway. We picked him out at a WalMart in Fergus Falls, MN. He was raised in a barn in Alexandria, MN, so we met the owner at the WalMart and picked him out of the group. He was a quieter one and had some big paws so he was the one. I thought he was a little off at first as he didn’t even cry one time on the way back to Fargo. I wondered why b/c I thought he’d be missing his mom.


(This looks like it would hurt so bad when he scratches like this – note the lazy cat in the background.) Mr. FeistyEats spent a lot of time with this dog when he was little. He was very easy to train and soon enough he was housebroke, could roll over, high five, sit, stay and get the bird. I was not living with Mr. FeistyEats so whatever, still no big deal. I’m not sure how he picked the name but Mr. FeistyEats named him and his name is Winston Waterford Wildz Feist.


I’m not sure when it happened but somewhere along the way I fell in love with this dog. I mean, look at his kind face and those big eyes and cute eyebrows. He is so special. He is nice and super loyal. He will follow me from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room or wherever. He likes to be by one of us at all times. He is always willing to listen to me and I swear he understands me when I am sad or angry. He is very gentle, loves to go on pick-up rides, to go hunting, to go on a walk, to go to the vet, to see any person or animal. I was heartbroken he had a tough time adjusting with our move. I hope he likes it more and more each day we are here. I can’t imagine a time without him and his big paws around messing up my kitchen floors and waiting for a scrap of food to fall.


In our backyard sniffing the air for anything. He has a pretty good nose. He loves to eat and loves treats. He is already starting to show his age with some aches and pains and a few white/gray whiskers. He tolerates the cat, but I think he would be fine if she never came home or lived elsewhere. We have several names for him too including: W, Dubs, Winnie, Winnie-pinnie, Nacho Dog, Stinky, Wins, Weston, Buddy, Farty Farkle and more.


He loves to go outside, eat peanut butter and take naps. He has been the best dog I could ever want or have. He isn’t perfect, but he is to me. I love my animals, I am crazy for them and I don’t care if you think I’m nuts – they are some of the best friends I could have.

Just for fun, a few Winston baby pics below. To die for!

DuckDogWinstonWinston 012WinstonCuteWinstonFBWstoned

I think he is stoned in that last photo. It is for his glaucoma I’m sure. Smile


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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