The House that Built Us

What a beautiful, most perfect day in Fargo! Unfortunately, I am home sick. Nothing major – this happens to me a few times a year. I seem to always go, go, go and then crash. Usually one day of rest and I’m good to go again. I slept in and it was glorious. Being at home has also given me time to collect my thoughts and type out some exciting news on the home front! This will also explain why you might be seeing more lifestyle posts and not so many cooking posts and why I “couldn’t find” my rolling pin the other day.


Hardly a cloud in the sky and the trees are budding!

This is mostly a food blog, but I also include lifestyle items and I figure this is one of them. Hopefully this post will also answer some FAQs we have received so far. I have been bursting at the seams since about April 30 with this news. Mr. FeistyEats and I are moving away…we are leaving Fargo. I am terribly happy, excited, sad, nervous and anxious-sometimes all at once! Mr. FeistyEats has accepted a position in Hazen, ND, about 4 hours west of Fargo. It has been our dream for many years (maybe almost as long as we have been together?) to move to central or western ND and specifically, to a smaller town. We love the scenery and the lifestyle out there. Fargo is a great city and the citizens of this city have so many amenities and beautiful options at their fingertips. However, it just isn’t “us”. We are small town people looking for a small town life. We aren’t farmers or ranchers, of course, but we are looking forward to this new direction in our lives. Hazen has about 2,400 citizens and its sister city Beulah, 11 miles away, has about 3,000 citizens – so compared to the town I grew up in, these places are huge!

I’ll try to be brief on the FAQs:

· I do not have a job yet. I am looking – let me know if you have any hot prospects. I don’t imagine there are many openings for an Events Coordinator in Hazen but that is OK as I’m open to anything. I don’t care if I work in a bar or waitress, I’ll do whatever I can for a paycheck. I have a long term plan in mind, but right now I’m taking things day to day. Mr. FeistyEats doesn’t want me to drive to Bismarck (about 1 hr away) or anywhere too far, so hopefully I can find a position in Hazen or Beulah. I told Mr. FeistyEats that I would stay home, raise chickens and have babies. He just laughed so I guess that isn’t a viable option. And depending on where we move, chickens might not be an acceptable pet!


The house we are leaving.

· Mr. FeistyEats doesn’t have a job in the oil fields or at a mine. Hazen is on the edge of the oil boom, but in the heart of coal country. He has however, accepted a position at a great company with excellent benefits. He is excited for his new job which he starts next week.

· We don’t know where we are going to live – yet. Our house is up for sale and we hope it moves quickly. Who knows though? For the time being, I will stay back in Fargo and keep working at my job until mid-July. My boss has been very supportive and understanding. Mr. FeistyEats will be living in his camper for now in the city park. Pretty hillbilly, right? I’m sure we will be the talk of the town. Due to Mr. FeistyEats job, we do have to live in a certain area but we are open to living in other towns – Pick City, Riverdale, Center, Hensler…you never know! Hopefully real estate won’t be a problem and we can find a house we love.


Mr. FeistyEats new home. I am going to miss him so much!

· We don’t know anyone in Hazen or Beulah. We do not have any friends there. Mr. FeistyEats is extremely personable and friendly. I joke he could make friends with a pole so I’m sure it won’t be long before we have new friends. Hopefully, we can be active in the community we live and meet people that way.

· My parents are only about ½ hour away from Hazen. I’m friends with my parents so it’ll be great to be close to them. They also have good friends that we love, so hopefully we can hang out with them sometimes. On the flip side, we are leaving family in Fargo including Mr. FeistyEats parents, his brother and his family (2 nieces, 1 nephew) and my sister. It was very difficult to tell them we were moving and there were tears shed indeed. They give us a reason to come back and visit. Naturally, we are also leaving a lot of good friends we have in Fargo and will miss everyone greatly.


The only homes Winston has known – the yard and his sweet dog kennel which we will miss.

· Our jobs – we both had great jobs in Fargo. Mr. FeistyEats had his last day yesterday and I went to his work to have going away cake and when I go there I feel like I belong and they are such great people. It was hard to say goodbye, sort of bittersweet. As for my job, I never thought I’d be there for 6 ½ years. I have learned so much, but more importantly I made some true friends at my job. Our office is only 8 people so we are close – like it or not! Luckily, all my co-workers are very smart, funny and fun to hang out with. We have all been together through some big life changes and I’ll miss the camaraderie. I will also miss a few of the people who became my friends outside of work as well.

· No one is surprised! No one seems shocked when we tell them we are moving. In fact, many of them said they figured it was only a matter of time. This actually makes me feel even more like we are making the right decision.

· I am very happy to be making this move. Several people ask me if I am happy and I think I must look like I’m in a state of shock or something. I can’t wait for this step. But for now, we have a lot of unknowns and need a few things to fall into place and I am scared. I’ll miss so much here but I know this is right for us.


Our great backyard and lack of neighbors.

· Food – hopefully I’ll keep cooking and baking for friends or co-workers but I have a feeling once Mr. FeistyEats is gone and I am a single girl my eats will be boring. I revert to favorites over and over but I’ll try to keep making new recipes. The rolling pin and some other kitchen items are already packed away.


Packing up our lives.

We wanted to put our house on the market as soon as possible. Once that sign was in the yard though, I did get sad. I have to let you know that I HATED, hated this house when Mr. FeistyEats first moved in. He rented to own this house and lived with 3 buddies. I guess I figured it was early in our relationship, so who knows how long I’d be around and since he didn’t actually buy it, there was no way he’d keep it. Right? The house was FULL of dark wood paneling, there was an above ground pool in the backyard, a falling apart deck, the lawn and bushes were overgrown, the owners smoked inside the house, they had a large pet in the house, carpet was old, the kitchen cabinets were hideous (some didn’t even close), etc. There were a few good things – new windows and siding but that is the only positive I could see.


This makes it real. Winston roaming his backyard.

Over time, Mr. FeistyEats poured himself into the house and renovations. Here are just a few of the things he did on his own: new trimwork, new interior doors, new lighting, new deck, new sheetrock and paint on several walls, stripping wallpaper, new sink and garbage disposal, making Winston a huge 20’x20’ fenced kennel with dog house and more. We also hired work to be done including: new tilework in the bathroom and by the fireplace, new carpet in a few bedrooms and on the stairs and basement, new custom cherry cabinets in the kitchen (LOVE), new countertops, a new garage with poured floor in the backyard, new heating and air conditioner and resurfacing of the pee yellow shower. Throughout these renovations Mr. FeistyEats stayed positive. I cried. A lot. I cried when I scrubbed off walls stained with smoke, I cried when our kitchen was in shambles waiting for new cabinets, I cried when there was dust everywhere from sanding the textured drywall, I cried when…OK, you get the point. I thought we were spinning our wheels. Mr. FeistyEats just put up with me like he always does and assured me things would get better.


The house when Mark first moved in with the overgrown yard and above ground pool. He renovated it to a nice lawn (minus a few doggie spots) and a fire pit area where the pool was.

Of course, now I love this dang house. I love how open it is, the large yard, the lack of neighbors, the well water (tastes good), the laminate flooring throughout, the gorgeous sunsets in the open field behind our house, the lack of neighbors and I love my kitchen cabinets. The kitchen itself is small but I love those cabinets and the features we included when they were built. So yeah, you guessed it, I cried when we put it up for sale. I asked Mr. FeistyEats if he felt sad since he poured his blood and sweat, not to mention my tears, into this house. He said no. I trust that man with all my heart and I know whatever the future holds, it’ll be a good and we will be happy. He hasn’t led me astray yet! On a funny note, I asked Mr. FeistyEats if we were looking for a newer or recently remodeled house or a fixer-upper. He said newer. Then he casually said, unless it is just the right fit and we can’t pass it up. So basically we are wide open here!


Mr. FeistyEats, remember how hard this sucked? The horrible wood paneling and stank walls/carpet and the room now with paint and new carpet.

I can’t wait to move! I hope our house sells quickly. At this point, I don’t care if a vampire buys it. But I really, really hope a good family buys it and takes care of this house and keeps improving on the areas we haven’t gotten to yet. We have been through so much in this house-we really fell in love, we argued, we got a dog and a cat, we (he) had health crises, we lost loved ones, we bought this house together (my first), we got married, we traveled and more. And after all of that…I love this damn house. I have to go get a tissue. Uprooting your whole life is emotional!

Oh, and if you know anyone who needs a house just south of Fargo that has been loved and cared for, send ‘em our way. A few more fun pics below!

2006_1104Hallow060062DSCN3342P198_198Pictures on the left before: gross tiles, yellow toilet and wallpaper. After, nice tiles and no wall paper, white walls.


Below right is the only before picture I could find of the old kitchen cabinets. I must have been too embarrassed to photograph them. They were hideous, trust me. Now – we have a lovely kitchen with all new appliances and dining room.


The entry before with horrid wallpaper. That is gone now. Mr. FeistyEats also did all new trimwork seen below.


Oh my, the memories. The wood paneling behind the TV and above on the half wall and now all painted walls as seen below. The fireplace before without tilework and below with it and half of it is covered with a piece of carpet and a kitty litter box.


Large, open living room, custom closets, bar area and an extra garage out back. It screams buy me!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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2 Responses to The House that Built Us

  1. kate says:

    First of al lI am glad you are friends with us. Silly goose. I know you guys really did do a lot of work on that place. But it turned out pretty darn well. One chapter end a new one begins. Happy days a head.

  2. Feisty Eats says:

    Yes, so very excited!

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