Reza’s Pitch review–Bismarck


After shopping Saturday morning, my Mom suggested we try a local restaurant for lunch. Of course, I was game! She told me about Reza’s Pitch, which is a beer and burger joint. AKA, my favorite thing. This used to be an A&W location and is on 3rd St in Bismarck.


Pitch is a term used in soccer, hence the soccer ball on the side of the building. The restaurant is a sports bar featuring a nice selection of microbrew and craft beers.


I started out with a Summer Shandy (again), I’m a fan. It seemed like the restaurant is also open to kids as we saw some there. There was an outdoor area for patio eating and drinking and we saw signs that said no smoking on the patio. The bar/restaurant itself is non-smoking and Bismarck just recently passed a law to ban smoking in all bar establishments and I am sure all of Bismarck will be happy to breath easier while eating.


This was the menu that was sitting on our table when we arrived. Pretty simple and to the point, right? Mom and I were hungry but didn’t want to demolish our appetites for supper as we had plans to eat out that night. Here is what we ordered to share:

Step 1 – Choose Your Striker: Single 6 oz burger
Step 2 – Kickoff: add American cheese
Step 3 – Select Your Midfielders: Grilled onion, lettuce, tomatoes and dill pickle slice
Step 4 – Offside: Out-of-bounds mayo
Sidekicks: Mom and I ordered jalapeno fries (a new menu item) and ordered my Dad some cheese curds and an all beef hot dog (from the Bench section) to go since he was at home. Our server warned us that the jalapeno fries were actually strips of jalapenos that were breaded and fried. She said they were good but just wanted to warn us it wasn’t a jalapeno flavoring, but actual jalapenos. This actually made me more excited to try them.
Overtime featured a shake, float or sundae but we passed on those. I did see another table have a float and it looked good.

As you can see the prices are quite reasonable. I wish they had more than just two cheese options to pick from.


Here are a few photos of the interior. There was some pretty cute ideas including a soccer ball above the front entry, a fun clock and board to write specials on and soccer jerseys hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant is right by the train tracks and I found that to be kind of neat, not annoying.


I asked our server for a beer menu to pick out my next beer. And can I just say our server was really great. Her name was Kayla and she answered every question I had. She said Reza’s is locally owned and the owner is really into soccer. He wanted a fun place for people to come get a beer and burger and enjoy watching sports. He is a local and supports all Bismarck-Mandan’s athletic teams. She was sweet to offer me a pour sample of a beer I inquired about as well. She asked us if we were splitting our meal and brought us an extra tray. She also asked when to throw in the to-go meal so it stayed hot. When she brought it out she asked if we wanted it kept under the heat lamp. All great suggestions from an excellent server!


My next beer from the bar was an Abita Purple Haze – the haze is a crisp, American wheat beer made from real raspberries! This beer was AWESOME! I thought it was more like a (good) wine cooler and not much of a beer taste at all. You could really taste the raspberry and it was fun to drink. My Mom took TWO sips and she really is not a beer fan at all. I’ll definitely order this again! The purple haze is fruity, summery, berry and not to beer-y.

My favorite thing about the beer is that they were COLD. I can’t stand a beer that is cold but in a warm glass or just kind of cold. Some other flavors on tap included Boulder Mojo, Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat (!) and Lone Peak Buck Snort Porter. I love the names and would drink a beer just for the name! I did see an option for a beer sampler for 6 beers to taste at only $7.95 which I thought was reasonable. If it wasn’t noon I might have tried the sampler. Next time!


Our meal came out pretty quickly. Let’s start with the burger. At 6 ounces it wasn’t terribly huge. It was cooked through well, but still moist. I would not have minded if it was cooked just a little less. The veggies we had on top all tasted fresh but I would have preferred more of all of them. The bun was warm and toasted (a must in my opinion). The out-of-bounds mayo was great! It wasn’t real hot but had a great kick to it. I see on the menu they also had a hot sudden death ketchup I wish I would have ordered. It might have been too hot for my Mom though! The dill pickle slice on the side was cold and delicious. I could have ate another one! Each table had salt, pepper, ketchup and mustard. My Mom liked the fact their was mustard as you don’t always see that as an option on every table.


Next up, the jalapeno fries. I’m not sure what the breading was. It looked like bread crumbs but also looked like it had specs of dried pepper in it? Initially, I thought the order was small, but after eating my portion I can see where they would get overwhelming. Kayla asked us if we wanted something to dip them in and she brought us out a side of Ranch which was nice to cool off our mouths. My Mom said they would have been great with a little cream cheese in the middle, but I think that would make them jalapeno poppers? Right, Mom?


Oh whoops, we snuck one of Dad’s cheese curds to taste test. It was great! The breading was thicker than usual cheese curds and fried just right. Once home Dad also said the hot dog was good. I think it would be hard to ruin a hot dog, but my Dad is a hot dog lover and he’d let me know if something was up.

A few final notes and thoughts:

  • The bill came and there were suggestions at the bottom for gratuity amounts in 15%, 20% and 25% I believe. While some people might find this offensive, I thought this was great and really appreciated the idea. I’m horrible at figuring the tip out!
  • I wish there were more cheese options – something other than regular American or Pepperjack cheese. There are a lot of beer offerings and I think a few more options would be nice in the cheese area.
  • I’d love to have an option for a wheat bun. I have yet to see this in any regular beer and burger joint, but just an idea.
  • It wasn’t too busy at noon on Saturday but I think this would be a great place to go with your buddies to have a few beers and snacks!
  • Not sure about the all ages part. This would mean I’d probably only have a beer or two and leave. Maybe it is more geared towards a family restaurant but I think they would do better as a 21+? Just my opinion.
  • I saw a sign advertising $2 pints on Tuesday and Thursday. Great deal. Great idea.

Would I go back? For sure! I don’t know if they have the best burger in Bismarck as I have a lot of places to try yet, but it was good and the beer was cold. I would return simply for the beer and the excellent customer service. I’d like to try the homemade french fries and homemade potato chips. I’d also like to test out that outdoor patio. The prices were reasonable. I wonder if they have any beers bigger than a pint? Next time, I’d like to belly up to the bar and quiz the bartender on beers. I’d definitely recommend giving Reza’s a try, if you like burgers and beer, that is.

I’d also like to thank my Mom for going with me and letting me take pictures of her food. She quizzed me a little bit about this blog and told me that she’d “put the site out to her homies” to read. She is crazy!!


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I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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  1. Mel says:

    Hello Thank for the review!
    Could you correct the backlink on this page. Unfortunately has been taken over a completely different business located in Japan. Reza’s new url is

    Thanks so much!
    -Reza’s new webmaster

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