Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies

What a gorgeous day in Fargo! Finally, we had temps above 60* and sun. I know that sounds sad since it is nearly mid-April but we have had such cold or dreary weather since, ummm, November I think? Luckily, I had today off! I got so. much. done. today. I told the husband if I was a stay at home Mom (to a cat and dog) we’d have such a clean house, dessert every night and delicious dinners. Sadly, it is back to work tomorrow. Sad smile

Here’s a few things accomplished today:


  • Walked a gorgeous dog (he always has to go “cool off” after a walk in the puddle)
  • Did 4 loads of laundry (love sleeping on fresh bedding – my porch is the clothes line)
  • Made breakfasts’ for the husband and I for the week (1-egg cheese omelets)
  • Spent some quality time with my animals
  • Caught up on some computer work (while eating breakfast)
  • Biked 11 miles in this gorgeous weather (north to 32nd Ave S and south to Round Hills)
  • Cut and roasted veggies for lunches
  • Prepped dinner for tomorrow night
  • Made a pretty good dinner for tonight (buffalo chicken, asparagus, once baked/once grilled potatoes)

DSCN2791DSCN2828 DSCN2810DSCN2811

  • I also raked a little bit (it seems this past winter we had voles visit us, I will sick my cat on them)
  • Watered my plants (I am going to try and grow herbs this year, basil and chives so far)
  • Baked my new COOKIE idea!


Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, the recipe I have been talking about and thinking about for the last week sounded like a great idea in my mind. In the end, they didn’t turn out so great but you can’t win them all. Actually, they taste delicious but I didn’t execute very well. Here’s how things started out…


A boxed mix of dark chocolate brownies. This is a two-part idea so I welcomed the extra help of a box mix although homemade would have been delicious as well. Bake and cool.


Next I tried a new (to me) recipe for cookies I found on Tasty Kitchen by Bree Hester. The reviews stated these cookies were easy and cakelike which I thought would work well. You use melted butter instead of creaming the butter. Interesting. The cookies were very good but not the texture I was hoping for. I only used 1/2 of a bag of chocolate chips since I had a surprise treat I wanted on the inside of the cookie.


After the dough was ready to go, I put what I felt was a little on my hand, a small brownie in the middle and another cookie on top. The effect I wanted was a cookie stuffed with a brownie.


I could tell these cookies were WAY too big.


The cookies turned out but I didn’t really like how they looked with one big lump in the middle. I needed to do something different. I mixed up ANOTHER batch of cookies without using melted butter but it wasn’t what I had in mind either. I should have just went with my NO-FAIL favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe but that would be too easy, right?

I know there are so many chocolate chip cookie recipes and some like them cakey, some crispy and others in between. I like them soft, slightly undercooked and not cakelike.


Before mixing up my next batch I just finished making regular chocolate chips cookies. We are going to have a lot of cookies in this house! The brownie stuffed cookies were cut into FOUR pieces so that tells you how large they were.


My final resolution was to crumble the brownie into the cookie dough. This is a dark photo but you can see there are small pieces and some big chunks. They actually turned out really yummy. So, while not what I had in mind they still taste great. I am sure I’ll be revisiting this idea as there is still 1/2 pan of brownies I have frozen for future “research”.

3 more things!

1.  Cutting brownies – a trick


To cut brownies (homemade or boxed) use a plastic knife, it’ll cut them more smooth. The brownies on the left were cut with a butter knife and the ones on the right with a plastic knife. Not sure why – but it works.

2.  Riding my bike – a moron


A few family members wanted to laugh at me and my previous photo of me riding bike. So here is another one. I know I am a dork and I’m OK with that.

3. Chipotles in adobo sauce – new


I have never used these but look forward to seeing them soon in a supper I hope. They smelled wonderful and tasted nice and spicy. Enjoy this lovely day!


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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2 Responses to Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. kate says:

    Busy girls for a day off. Too bad the cookies weren’t what you were looking for. I am sure you will get it figured out soon.

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