Joining a Gym

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My morning started bright dark and early with a new (to me) spin class at Xtreme Measures in south Fargo. I belong to another gym for about 1.5 years and I really enjoy the staff and other members. However, this gym is moving in fall to a brand new location with a brand new facility and brand new equipment. What’s not to like, right? Well, the gym is moving further to the west and it would be a bit further for me to get to. When you get up at 5am every extra minute counts, trust me.

As anyone in ND can attest to trying out a gym in the middle of summer is not a good idea. Most people want to be outside and do their workouts OUTSIDE while possible. I wanted to test a gym while it was still colder out and the gym is still busy. I was so nervous to join a gym but it really isn’t a big deal. You get to know the regulars and there are nice people everywhere. Obviously, the owner of the gym wants you to be happy and has your health in mind so it is a win-win. No matter your level of physicality (I’m definitely no muscle buff or running super star) you should join – you get so much out of it. I’m a big proponent for gym membership. Working out at home is fine but it is great to have workout buddies, even if you don’t know them!

Source – not the gym, just a random photo.
Here is MY ideal gym (to each his/her own): 

  • Must offer a variety of classes (this keeps me motivated and on track)
  • Must offer morning classes (I’m waaay more likely to get my structured exercise done before work. Motivation ceases after work, especially on nice days where I’d rather be exercising or doing other fun things outside.)
  • Small or manageable classes (I’m not really into getting to a class super early just to have a spot. I think smaller classes give you more personal attention.)
  • Showers and towels (I sweat a lot, enough said)
  • Classes after work (for winter evenings or when I am too lazy to wake up early)
  • Location (I prefer something close to home or work – I’d ideally like to ride my bike to work when possible this summer)

At first glance Xtreme Measures seemed really small to me with not a lot of equipment. After a great class that I enjoyed this morning the 7-8 attendees quickly cleared out. The class went from 5:30-6:15 and I wish it would have gone at least an hour. In the meantime it was certainly too early to shower and go to work so I tried out a few machines and free weights. I’d like to see a stair stepper or stair climber and some jump ropes but otherwise it is all right. I noticed the gym offers a summer boot camp and that was extra money, even for gym members and I was hoping that would be included as my other gym has a good boot camp every Friday.


Source – not me! I wish!

Soon it was time to shower and get to work. There are two locker rooms and each has two showers. Initially, I thought this would be far too few but I had one locker room all to myself. I do wish the showers had soap but that isn’t a deal breaker, just another thing I need to add to my travel bag. At this point, I was the only person left in the gym which was kind of nice. You use a card key to get in and other than classes or personal appointments it is pretty free and open to do as you please. I think I could be perfectly happy here but signing up for another 6 or 12-months is such a big commitment to me. It seems so long and I can be so indecisive. What if there is something better or more? Here’s what it boils down to…


  • Great, up-beat class
  •  April join special at an excellent rate
  •  Super close to work and bike ridable from my house
  •  Body Pump – my other gym doesn’t offer this and I really want to try it out
  • This is a women’s only gym – I generally feel more comfortable not being a sweaty beast in front of strange men
  • They offer Saturday classes! My other gym had only one and it wasn’t one to my interest, this gym usually has a few options it looks like
  • Newer, nice spin bikes (other gym has ANCIENT bikes)


  • I loved my previous instructors at the old gym
  • The previous instructors also offered small amounts of yoga or abs at the end of class, tacked on and optional beyond the set class time
  • Too small, is that possible? I am a little concerned about the size and few machines but it wasn’t a problem this morning

After I type it out it seems to make sense to make the leap, no? Maybe I can try the Saturday a.m. Body Pump. They also have Zumba but I tried that at Courts Plus in Fargo and mostly felt like a moron the whole time. It was OK fun but I’m more into trying to build some muscles than shake it.

Flood 2011
At work today a few of us girls went over to Moorhead to help a colleague sandbag his house. There were some volunteers but there could have been more. There was a handful of ROTC kids, neighbors and even a volunteer from Alexandria, MN who just came to help. How cool to see the camaraderie of our neighbors? I took my camera to take a few pictures but only got one. After arriving I remember that sand and cameras do not mix. Also, I don’t want to be a jerk taking pics while the homeowner is trying to save his home. Sandbagging is hard work, but it is fun too and we joke around. The homeowners had water, coffee, sandwiches and sweets for all the volunteers. I know many appreciated the gesture as it was cold, rainy and tough. I will certainly be sore in my arms tomorrow and we weren’t even there all that long. Good luck to all of us fighting the flood. I think I speak for all of Fargo-Moorhead that after 3 years in a row this is no fun and the cities really need a permanent solution. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.


This was the house we volunteered at. Just a little advice from me – if you show up at a house where everyone is working, you should at least pretend to work. Don’t stand there drinking your coffee telling people what to do. Just saying.

I was hoping to get a bike ride in after work but all roads and trails around our house are blocked off by dikes. This is a drain just south of our house that has been packed with clay dirt to close off the Red from coming over. Down the way to the north there are pumps to send the water to the Red River side. The Red is to the east of us and the Rice is to the west of us and threatens us with overland flooding but it looks pretty good that way so far.
And this is right past that little dam area looking across our gravel frontage road where you can see the Red – but you shouldn’t. Sorry for the deer in the photo – she obviously met an untimely vehicle death. A little more about the animals – I have seen a lot on the road and in town where they shouldn’t be. I feel bad for them since they are displaced as well.
One animal who loves the water. Hi Winston!



The husband is cooking tonight! He is an excellent cook, especially on the grill and I wish he’d cook more. I had asked him to grill and it was a lovely 60* so it was perfect. Instead of sharing a recipe, I thought I’d share what I bought at the grocery store today and my ideas on grocery shopping tomorrow. This is already a super long post and I’m hoping for a date night tomorrow so come back Friday for some grocery tips.



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