Friday night cheeseburgers


It’s a lazy Friday night at home. The husband had his knee scoped yesterday from some leftover injury he had from breaking his leg in 2009. He was home all day recuperating. I went to work and had plans to come home, check on him, clean house and grill some burgers. Yes, it is only about 20* in Fargo and that is warm enough for me!

My burger ingredients

What I think makes a great burger: 1 lb. locally grown ground beef (lean), finely diced fresh onion, garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and the great flavoring of Montreal Steak seasoning. <—- Makes a great burger.

Sprinkle all ingredients on top

 I find it best to put everything on top of the sort of flattened meat. Then, fold it over and form into 4 patties. This allows the seasoning to mostly stay inside the burger (so it doesn’t burn on the grill) but still be distributed throughout.

Don’t forget to get a beer – you did just mop the floors!

Slice up some onion

I decided to saute the onions in the house on the stove top instead of on the grill. Remember, we have 10 lbs to use up!

Finally, some decent tomatoes

I got some fresh tomatoes today at Hornbacher’s (our local grocery and my favorite store!) and they were excellent. We have had terrible luck getting decent tomatoes lately. The last ones I had were moldy in just a day or two.

Get out your ingredients for your burger

We are about out of Miracle Whip – it was $4 for a largish jar. Umm, wow. I’ll wait. Also, who ate the last kosher dill pickle husband? Tragedy. My preferred toppings would include a pickle. This spicy mustard I picked up at Wal*Mart is the bomb though!

Hot off the grill

Topped with freshly sliced Colby jack cheese. Great grill char, some of the onions got a little toasted and warm, oozing cheese.  His on the left, hers on the right. I put the husband’s on some fresh, delicious, super soft Hornbacher’s bakery buns. Mine was on an Arnold’s wheat thin – 1/2 thin on each burger. Topped with lots of sautéed onions, of course.  

Topped off with a lettuce blend

Messy? Yes. Tasty? Oh yes. Classy paper plate and wicker holder? Of course.


Sous chef Winston on patrol, right in the way, as usual

Earlier in the day the husband had requested some Scotcharoos, his favorite dessert. My sister makes these the best – hers are always gooey and delicious but I figured I’d try a close 2nd. All you need is sugar, corn syrup, peanut butter and rice krispy cereal.
Peanut Butter & Co CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER! I melted a bag of chocolate chips and added in a big spoonful each of the chocolate PB and regular PB for the frosting. The final product? Pretty dang good – you might have a contender against yours sister!

Ooegy, gooey, sugary, peanut buttery goodness

Have a great weekend everyone! I am looking forward to hopefully hitting the town tomorrow night. Tonight is a quiet night in with the husband, crazy cat, dog and a few brewskis. 


About Feisty Eats

I love to eat, entertain, exercise and try new life adventures. I am in my 30's and have a great husband, dog (Winston) and cat (Brinklie). I love to try or make new recipes and drink new beers.
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