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Ground Beef – it’s what is for dinner

*This post is word heavy as I forgot to take photos!! But, there is a recipe at the end if you want to scroll past my tidbits! We butchered a cow earlier this year and shared the meat with a … Continue reading

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How To…Make the Perfect Scrambled Egg

What is your favorite way to eat an egg? In a cookie or cake? Me too! OK. Eggs = yummy, at least for me. I really love eggs and could probably eat at least one every day. But, I really … Continue reading

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Meal Planning for one week

Wow! I just gained a lot of respect for anyone out there that feeds their family a home-cooked, healthy meal every day of the week. As a challenge to my husband (and to myself), I wanted to meal plan a … Continue reading

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CSA–what it means to me

CSA stands for community-supported agriculture. I have wanted to write about this topic for a while now and finally found some spare time. Mr. FeistyEats is out of town so I am a little bored without him. I cannot recall … Continue reading

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