Hello – welcome to Feisty Eats. Why Feisty Eats? That is a play on my “real” name Sarah Feist. I am a 30-something full-time employee living in Hazen, ND.

At Feisty Eats I hope to share with you some passions in my personal life which include:

Food: I love to eat! I love to cook! I love to bake! I do my best (with a full-time job and budget) to create or try new recipes each week. I have a strong interest with food that is grown locally and eating healthy…most the time. I try to use local meat or use meat my husband has hunted. I do eat vegetarian meals too though! As for my desserts, I am all about full-fat. I try to make things that are easy to assemble with ingredients that are easily found. I live 50+ miles from a big city and usually make due with a small grocery offering.

Drink: I love beer! I love to try different beers and am a huge fan of happy hour. Obviously, some of the things I said above can go out the door with local and healthy but it is all about balance.

Mmmm, beer!

Entertain: I love to socialize! I love going out to eat, trying new restaurants, trying different menu items and seeing what is available in bigger cities. I enjoy having people over to our home to entertain and visit as well. Now that I live in a smaller town, I expect we will be entertaining more that going out.

Extra-curricular: I love to ___! I’m pretty open to trying almost anything once or twice. I enjoy being outside when possible due to the weather. I love to travel and try to do so when possible. Even if it is only 20 miles from home I try to make any trip an adventure.

In Louisville, Kentucky

Exercise: I love to exercise! Really – most days, anyway. This is a newer journey for me in attempt to round out balance in my life. Exercise has been a huge stress reliever for me. I love spin class, do some weight training, walk miles with my dog and do boot-camp type workouts. I aim to work out at least 3-4 times a week. I recently procured a bike and look forward to incorporating that into my routine as well. Edited: Since moving to Hazen I have yet to find a gym or routine. I do walk or ride bike almost daily, thought not as much as I want to at this point in time. I hope this changes.


Feisty Eats

Feisty Eats herself (aka Sarah) enjoying a beer sampler on a trip to Duluth, MN at Fitgers.

Feisty Dog

This is our yellow lab Winston Waterford Wildz, better known as Winston. He is my true love and my walking companion. He loves to swim and and has a great smile. For real.

Feisty (but small) cat

Last and maybe least is our kitten Brinklie. She is new as of 11/10 so she is small and doesn’t have many photos yet. She is very entertaining, loves to go outside and really loves to chase her shadow. She prefers to curl up with her brother…but I’m not sure the feeling is mutual. I like to call her FeistyCat.

Let me know if you have any questions!

This is my blog so you should probably know a few things you can expect on this site:

GRAMMAR/SPELLING – I’m not a professional writer, I journal this for personal reasons. I am sorry in advance for typos or incorrect grammar. I type like I speak which can be dis-jointed and might make completely no sense. That’s me – I’ll try my best.

GENERAL LIFE – obviously (I hope) my life isn’t perfect or all rainbows and puppies. I will choose what to place on the blog and reserve the right to keep any bad, painful, embarrassing or even, great happenings in my life off the blog. The husband isn’t too keen on “the blogs” so I will not talk about him unless I get his OK. I don’t ever intend to brag or be better than anyone else (here or in real life), so even if all you see are cupcakes! and cookies! and excellent dinners! I struggle with the same things everyone else does…crazy family, arguments, work and everyday stress.

WORK – I do not plan on talking much about my 40-hour per week job for obvious reasons.

FOOD – not a big fan of seafood. I wouldn’t think you will see much of that, or mushrooms on the blog!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments or you can reach me at feistyeats at gmail dot com.

6 Responses to About

  1. Valerie Berg says:

    I’m a bloggy reader and from Hazen (now live in Idaho) and saw your blog in the good ol’ Hazen Star! I think I’ll have to meet you someday as I rarely meet young women who like a good beer like me! :) Looking forward to being a ‘bloggy follower’! :)

  2. Love the blog! You and I could be great friends. I love trying new foods, eating out, beer, and exercising. Check out my blog http://www.donteatcrapblog.com. I’m in Bismarck – if you ever wanna tag a long to a Zumba class, let me know!

  3. Hi there! I’d like to nominate you for a Liebster Award as I love your blog! See this post for more details… http://bakewithmeblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/liebster-award/

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