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Hello bloggy friends. I have to extend my big apologies for being MIA the past week or so. I moved! From big city Fargo, to small town Hazen. It has been stressful, hot and long, but worth it. We are … Continue reading

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Kim’s Corner coffee–Beulah, ND

I’m tired of trying to come up with something to write here. The truth is, my life is in limbo. I thought we sold our “old” house last week. It didn’t sell. I thought we’d be buying our “new house” … Continue reading

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Broccoli, onion and tomato quiche

OK, so I am stretched thin for new recipes. I have done very little cooking or baking since I have been homeless living with my parents. This isn’t actually a recipe, more like a technique. Take a pre-made frozen pie … Continue reading

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Strawberry Angel Food Cheesecake

I actually do not know the proper name of this delicious, light, summery dessert. Someone at my work brought this in, it was a big hit and the recipe was shared with me. My Mom and I recreated it at … Continue reading

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White Texas sheet cake

You are all familiar with sheet cake, right? It’s a lovely, thin chocolate cake with a wonderful chocolate frosting. Well, what about a white version? What if you don’t like chocolate? Oh wait, that was a dumb question. Who doesn’t … Continue reading

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